In Get Even, Players Can Become Your Enemies

It looks like the Polish developer The Farm 51 has been very active lately. After shipping Deadfall Adventures, they are working on a new game titled Get Even and currently scheduled for a 2015 release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


The game seems a first person shooter with quite a few interesting twists. First of all, as mentioned in the title, players can join your single player campaign and impersonate your usual AI enemies:

GET EVEN also strives to offer a fresh approach to game mechanics. The developers plan to remove the arbitrary barrier between single and multiplayer modes by linking them together in a unique way. In the singleplayer campaign, other players will be able to join the game at any moment to take on the roles of enemies previously controlled by the AI. Thanks to this, the singleplayer campaign, often schematic and predictable in other games, enters a new dimension where the player has to face the most dangerous of all foes: another player who has his own reasons and tools to stop you from reaching your goal.

That’s not all, as the developer promises choices and even the opportunity to experience the game from the perspective of both the main opposing characters.

The approach to storytelling in GET EVEN also strives for innovation. The player is given the chance to experience the events that transpire in the singleplayer campaign from the perspective of two opposing protagonists. What is more, gameplay will differ based upon the choice of a side and the story of the game will be told through elements of gameplay, exploration, and interacting with the environment rather than the standard usage of cutscenes and dialogues.

The Farm 51 has a high-end approach to graphics as well, using 3D scanning technology.

The graphics of GET EVEN are achieved by using 3D scans of real locations and people. To develop this innovative technology, our studio works with research institutes and independent specialists. This will mark the first time where this technology is used on such a scale in video games. The technology present in GET EVEN by The Farm 51 has been first presented to the audiences during the French Game Connection where it has been well-received.

We’ll try to find out more about Get Even, so stay tuned here at Worlds Factory.

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  • Dakan45

    I liked deafdall but this

    “other players will be able to join the game at any moment to take on the roles of enemies previously controlled by the AI.”

    Sounds bad. Id rather a drm to be shoved in my game, than have to constantl switch from crappy ai to pro players, the pacing of the game will just explode.

    • Sobekflakmonkey

      agreed, it was kinda cool in Demons souls…but uhhh…it got annoying, not everyone wants a multiplayer experience..


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