Kojima: MGSV is similar, but better on next gen

Hideo Kojima just tweeted a bit about MGSV, answering some popular questions on the differences between the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 versions of the game and the next generation ones. Here’s what he had to say:

Apparently, there shouldn’t be many differences at least in terms of gameplay feeling, since MGSV was developed with multiple platforms in mind. According to the second tweet, they even went as far as considering the smallest variations in hardware between the consoles to ensure the result was basically the same.


However, graphics and overall fidelity will be much higher on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (which will also enjoy the game at 60 FPS, by the way). MGSV: Ground Zeroes, the prologue of Phantom Pain, will be released on the aforementioned platforms on 18th March in North America/Japan and 20th March in Europe; there’s no definite release date for Phantom Pain, although a tentative 2015 seems possible.


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