Kingdom Under Fire II Has Shockingly Low Requirements

When considering the graphics and the scope (a large, open MMO world with RTS components and hundreds of units on screen) of the game, one would think that Kingdom Under Fire II could have some steep system requirements.

However, the publisher in Malaysia/Singapore, MMOG. Asia (which will also be the first publisher servicing the game in English), just revealed the requirements with the following image.




Yes, that’s right: the game will support Windows XP, unlike most titles nowadays, and the minimum GPU is a GeForce7600GT with only 256 megabytes of video RAM. We would be very suspicious of this, but luckily the development team at Blueside has taken care of demonstrating this with a dedicated video, which we’re posting below. Of course, this also bodes well for the PlayStation 4 release as it should have no issue pushing maximum graphics and maintaining high framerate.

Stay tuned on Worlds Factory to learn a lot more on Kingdom Under Fire II, as we have an interview with Blueside in the pipeline.

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  • Marco Boschini

    I want this game so badly

  • Tobias Christoffersson

    lol dont know if should get it for ps4 or pc


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