Infamous Second Son main characters are real friends

In an interview with OPM UK, Nate Fox, Creative Director at Sucker Punch, explained that Infamous Second Son has a unique ace up in its sleeve: the main characters in the storyline, Delsin and his brother Reggie, are being played by the ubiquitous (and extraordinary) Troy Baker and Travis Willingham, who happen to be best friends in real life.

The thing that’s great is that these guys have a relationship that goes back years and years. They trust each other, they love each other and that comes off really well inside inFamous: Second Son. It was an absolute pleasure to be on the mo-cap set with them. You were constantly surprised at what these guys were bringing to the table. It was a buffet, man. There were just so many good takes to choose from later on

Surely, this will yield considerable advantages in terms of authenticity of the relationship. Fox then even added some insight of his own on the fictional relationship of the brothers, which is modeled after the older brother/rebellious younger brother stereotype.

I too have an older brother who’s the winner in the family – a successful attorney,” Fox confesses. “Even if you don’t have an older brother, you know what this is like, it’s just human experience. It’s not like you hate him. You love him, but man you just want to succeed

Infamous Second Son is, along Driveclub, the most important PlayStation 4 exclusive coming to the platform in the next six months. The first two games are quality titles, but after the strong hype on this one, many expect this to be a masterpiece. Will Sucker Punch deliver? We’ll know in time for the release date, scheduled for 21th March 2014.

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