Kickstarter pledges on games are now over $200M

According to the official Kickstarter statistics page, the games category has finally topped $200 millions in overall pledges, which is simply astounding. Granted, this number takes into account even the money that was never actually pledged towards unsuccessful projects, but even the number of successfully pledged dollars is huge: over $178 millions.

The games category is by far the most important one for Kickstarter, accounting for almost 22% of the $919 millions pledged overall to projects and having surpassed the film & video category. In 2012, Kickstarter acknowledged the rising success of gaming projects by proclaiming “The Year of the Game”, but 2013 has been even better, with almost $112 millions already pledged towards games versus the $83 millions of 2012; and of course, 2013 still has a couple weeks to further increase that number.


Soon, many big videogames funded on Kickstarter will be released and we will know if this is a truly viable financial model. Until then, though, I’m really glad of this opportunity because otherwise we might have never seen the revival of categories such as the CRPG, the space simulation and the turn-based games.

Alessio PalumboBy Alessio Palumbo (1097 Posts)

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