Metal Gear Rising “looks really good on PC”

Talking on Twitter today, Platinum Games‘ Creative Producer JP Kellams spoke briefly about the PC port of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.




When asked about resolutions, Kellams would only say that Konami is handling the details;



Some may fear fixed framerates that tend to plague PC ports coming from Japan, but from what Kellams has said, one would assume this to not be an issue;



But, that didn’t stop Kellams from having a little joke with fans about the quality of the usual Japanese PC ports.



On the subject of DLC being included with the PC version, Kellams asserts that this is a decision to be made by Konami, not the minds at Platinum.



And, in answer to yet another fan question, it was confirmed to be a Windows release. No word for Mac owners, and no word on SteamOS, as it seems it’s early days for the SteamOS yet.



But, to finish off, Kellams reasserts that fans wanting to know more about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on PC should ask Konami, not the developer:



So, who is looking forward to Metal Gear Rising on PC? The game had fantastic graphics on PS3 and 360, perhaps the PC version will improve on these already impressive visuals even further. Moreover, according to Konami it should be releasing any day now on Steam.

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