Turn10: People have misread our intentions with FM5

Forza Motorsport 5, while generally acclaimed, has received a less warm reception than usual for the series. Dan Greenawalt, Creative Director at Turn10, tried to explain exactly what happened in an interview just published on Eurogamer: apparently, he feels that with FM5, their intentions have been misread.

I have to be honest, our team takes great pride in what lights up our players, and community’s the heart of what we do. So it’s been disappointing. I’m not disappointed in people – people feel how they feel. I’m more disappointed in myself that I’ve elicited this reaction in people. I think the biggest travesty for me is how people have misread our intentions, because that’s just been sad – community’s the biggest thing for us, and the whole point is to get people excited about cars and excited about games, so people saying we’ve changed the economy for this reason and we removed this feature for that reason – I understand it, because perception’s reality, and people start believing what they believe, but I know it’s not the thought process we went through to make the decisions we made.

Greenawalt later explicitly claims that Turn10’s intent is to win back FM5 fans in the long term.

What I can say is that we’re absolutely committed to Forza Motorsport 5. And we’re going to be doing more updates, and more serious updates, than we’ve done in the past. It’s about supporting Xbox One and the community that’s playing Forza 5. The nice thing about Xbox One is that it’s fairly easy to make changes and make updates, and we’re getting a lot of data and telemetry. We have a really broad customer base – and while I love the people on the Forza forums, their play-style isn’t indicative of the overall community that’s playing the game.

My biggest hope is that we can win back the fan’s trust – we didn’t do this for any other reason besides getting people excited about cars and games, and whenever we work against that purpose we take that very seriously, because it’s not our intention, and we’re going to make changes as needed.

Did you buy FM5 with your Xbox One and if so, are you enjoying it? Are you bothered by the microtransactions? Tell us below.

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  • HalfBlackCanadian

    Own it, first Forza at release (read: not used long after the fact). I love it, personally. I have not yet had the feeling like I need to put any more money into it than I did on my initial investment. Two caveats though – I bought the Special Day One Collector’s Edition (Steelbook) which came with perks, so that may alter my opinion and secondly I have only raced into the second car class so far. I’ve played a good…3-5 hours of it but disagree with some that say they feel the push for micro-transactions are prevalent throughout the entire experience.

  • Jack Slater

    If I say ‘thieves’, which part of that word won’t they understand?
    When you make a new game, and 2/3 of the content, that should be won naturally, as people win races, championships, etc, can only be obtained by winning the same race 200 times, or, if the gamer doesn’t want to spend 20 hours winning the same race over and over, he needs to spend tons of real dollars. The game, that people pay full price, clearly has one single intention: making people feel so desperate with the idea of having to drive hundreds of hours to earn enough in game credits to be able to buy a few new cars, that unless the guy has 1000 free hours to spend doing the same thing, he will be forced to open the wallet and buy new stuff, new cars.and we aren’t talking about 2 or 3$ here. We’re talking about 30,40, up to 70$ forma single car. It’s just insane. And I blame the buyers and the biased reviewers like sessler that give it a perfect 5/5, without even mentionning the micro transactions ripoff. Shame, guys, shame.

    Sure, many new stuff is coming, of course. Say hello to all the future 14.99$ -1 new track + 6 new cars- packs.
    Forza 5 has 300 less cars than forza 4. So, plenty of dlcs will be possible, one each week, like rock band/guitar hero stuff. Want nurburgring famous track? It can be your, for a modest 4.99$. This game is going to be worse than cancer. It will suck all cash people have.
    Turn10 is lucky to be on the microsoft side. If they were a ps4 game, the US press would just kill it, like they did with the ps4 games, and like they did since 2005, and this micro transactions thing would be so criticized, the game would get tons of 4-5/10, with a big ‘avoid it’ on the review. But since it was a microsoft game, and the US press always praised microsoft games, to the point they didn’t even talk and tell the truth about the rrod issue, letting innocent buyers go home with a ‘soon to die’ pos hardware, of course, they gave plenty of perfect scores to forza5. Of course,sessler 5/5 review is an example among thousands.
    Well done. Go on, people, keep on buying forza5 game and paying for 2/3 of the content.
    Turn10 will thank you, and forza 6, you will only have 5 cars and 2 tracks in the 60$ game, since you love paying, you will be able to acquire the rest of the game, if you pay 4000$ for all the cars and tracks. And the US press, of course, will say it’s amazing, and sessler will give it a 7/5.



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