DCUO “War of the Light” DLC + Armories in Early 2014

DC Universe Online, also known as DCUO to its fans, will receive its 9th DLC called War of the Light in Early 2014. As suggested by the title, it will involve mainly the Lantern Corps: Blue Lantern Corps will finally make an appearance, and the light power “Rage”, inspired by the Red Lantern Corps, will be added to the game. This is meant to be a new way to tank: players will be instantly healed for the damage taken as long as they enraged, but if the rage wears off, then all that “pending” damage will hit them at once.

Clearly, this will be a very aggressive way to tank, jumping from an encounter to another to keep the rage flowing; some moves will allow characters to “spend” the healed damage away, in order to avoid being one-shotted when the rage is depleted.


Another feature being added to DCUO is “Armories“. Essentially, it allows players to save multiple loadouts: gear, skill points, hotbar configuration et cetera. In PvE it will be pretty easy to switch, even in combat (although with a cooldown), but in PvP this will be only possible outside combat. Armories will also be physically represented in the game in your hero/villain lair or hideout; the first slot is going to be free on each character, additional slots (up to 16 per character) can be purchased via the in-game store.

As a reminder, you can now enjoy DCUO on PC, PlayStation 3 and Playstation 4 (the console versions are also on the same servers).

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