No Man’s Sky isn’t quirky,”we are console developers”

Today, a few articles and interviews with Hello Games, the developers of No Man’s Sky, appeared on the Web. Speaking with Rock, Paper, Shotgun Managing Director Sean Murray said that this won’t be an overly complex, quirky game like others on PC, since their background sits comfortably in console development.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but our background is as console developers, and I think everything about the game bears hallmarks of that. In terms of your controls, in terms of the fluidity of the game, this is not a quirky, hard-to-decipher experience

After all, we have to remember that Hello Games previously released Joe Danger (a side-scrolling racing/platform with a strong arcade vibe) on PlayStation Network back in 2010; then the game came out for Xbox 360 on Live Arcade in December 2011, and the PC version debuted only last June. This could be a hint that the game is already running on a next gen platform instead of a PC.


In other news, it seems like the game isn’t multiplayer after all. You won’t be able to see other players, but there will be ways to communicate with them, similarly to Demon/Dark Souls. This makes me personally sad, as I relished in the pleasure of a sci-fi sandbox MMO; conversely, it must mean that there is some sort of narrative to No Man’s Sky after all, if the player is destined to travel the stars alone. Stay tuned for more on this interesting game.

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  • TheRedButterfly

    While the lack of a multiplayer component saddens me, the fact that this isn’t one of those “PC Exclusive Indie Goldmines” makes me INCREDIBLY happy! As a console gamer myself, it saddens me that the majority of sci-fi indie games remain as PC exclusives. First title to come to mind is Routine, quickly followed by Star Citizen and Space Engineers. :) Hopefully this will spark a trend amongst indie devs. and bring more amazing titles to consoles.


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