Suehiro:”D4 will show why Kinect is great for gaming”

Hidetaka Suehiro (also known by his nickname, SWERY), producer of Access Games and director for Deadly Premonition, talked with GamingBolt about D4 (which actually means Dark Dreams Don’t Die, if you didn’t know) and the Kinect functionality, that in his opinion will be so great to show that Kinect can indeed be positive for hardcore games as well.

Please don’t expect to be able to play D4 on any platform besides the Xbox One. Please understand that D4 is not a sequel to Deadly Premonition. This is not what you think about with Kinect. This game is something the core will be able to enjoy and see why Kinect is a great enhancement to gaming as a whole. We’re working hard on the production of this new title – D4 – by setting up the foundation of “emotional involvement” and “realistic senses and feelings”. I feel that we are basically creating a kind of game that’s really the first of its kind. We’re aiming to create the sort of game that will truly become an “experience” in the players’ lives, and I really think you’ll like what we have in store

It looks like D4 has a specific vision which includes Kinect as critical for design features, thus making it hard for Suehiro to envision the game outside Xbox One. In the game, which still doesn’t even have a tentative release date at this point, the gamer will impersonate a private investigator trying to unravel the mystery of his wife’s death.

It will also have an episodic structure and stylized graphic style, much like Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

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