Fallout: New Vegas writer joined Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games just shipped Killzone: Shadow Fall for PlayStation 4, but it’s been known for a while that they have another team currently work on a brand new IP. It has been also speculated that this could be an open world Western RPG, although the developer isn’t exactly known for storytelling prowess. However, today’s news that the former Fallout: New Vegas writer John Gonzalez joined the Dutch studio fueled the hope, along with renewed hints that open world RPG is indeed going to be the genre, since his Linkedin resume says:

Narrative designer with extensive in-house game development experience. My focus is storytelling for open-world role-playing games. Because they are awesome

Are you more dubious or interested in Guerrilla trying an open world RPG? Anyway, as for the reveal I’m pretty sure it will be a while as the VGX Awards might be too close; a fitting venue could be the next Gamescom, which is annually held just a couple hundred kilometers away from their headquarters.


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