Dragon Age Inquisition delayed because of Frostbite

In a long interview released to Engadget, some of the most prominent developers in EA Games spoke on the benefits of Frostbite as an engine. However, there is one aspect that RPG fans might not like that much: apparently, the transition to Frostbite itself is one of the reasons behind the delay of Dragon Age Inquisition, according to Bioware‘s General Manager Aaryn Flynn. They had to add tools for systems that are basic in RPG games such as skill proficiencies, character stats, but weren’t really there since no RPG was ever built using Frostbite before.

We’ve got a longer development cycle for Dragon Age, but that comes from two things: One is the investment in Frostbite to make it an RPG engine, and that’s a big one for the team. They’re helping eat that rock for Mass Effect

After all though, it appears that this initial hurdle will pay for the following games, as the next Mass Effect won’t have to go through the same additional work. Overall, the shared nature across all studios using Frostbite will prove very useful in the following years, as confirmed by Jamie Keen, NFS: Rivals senior producer:

Once everybody’s delivered a title or more using the engine, I think that’s when we’ll really start to see things picking up and gathering pace. We’ve learned so much over the course of Rivals, that the next turn of the wheel for us is going to be that much easier and we’ll be able to get that much more out of the engine.

There’s no doubt that the engine created by DICE is a technical marvel, and with all the additions being made by the other studios, it will soon be quite versatile as well. Also, even a delay isn’t that bad when the resulting graphics looks this good, right? Dragon Age Inquisition should release in Fall 2014 for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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