Blizzard excited by PlayStation 4 and its horsepower

In an interview just appeared on VG247, Blizzard‘s designer Jonny Ebbert, who is working on the next gen release of Diablo III, stated that the team is excited about the PlayStation 4 and its strong capabilities.

Right now we’re focusing all our energy on PlayStation 4. It’s a really exciting platform, Sony’s been a great partner to us, and we are really excited about the horsepower it provides and the social features that it opens up. So we’re putting all our energy there, trying to get that version of the game to our standards, which I like to think are really high.

Once we do that, we will look at current-gen and we’ll be able to make a decision [about] is it possible to get all this functionality back onto current-gen. We have a lot more power on the PlayStation 4, we have a lot more features we can capitalize on. Once you get used to that, sometimes it can be hard to kinda port it back to something that has significantly less processing power. We’re gonna look at it, and do the best we can


It looks like a porting of the upcoming expansion, Reaper of Souls, may happen to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but interestingly there is no mention at all of an Xbox One version. Blizzard recently opened the gates of the Friends&Family beta, which is now ongoing without any NDA burden, so you can find plenty of screens and videos floating around the Web; a closed beta is expected to hit later this year.


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  • Mrteapot

    Eh diablo is great but im more excited for titanfall

  • Manuel Granados

    Blizzard has been really uninformative regarding Reaper of Souls for current gen consoles. I have asked them directly if it will come as DLC for D3 players in console and they can’t just say yes or no.


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