NetherRealm: PS4 is super elegant to work on

One of the last titles to officially join the launch party of PlayStation 4 has been Injustice: Gods Among Us by NetherRealm. The fighting game debuted earlier this year on PlayStation 3, WiiU and Xbox 360, with a a positive reception on average; as common with fighting games, after the launch many alternate skins and additional characters were released as DLC, and now an Ultimate Edition with the whole package is coming out for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.

Of course, the hot topic of this week is certainly the latter platform, and Adam Urbano, Senior Producer at NetherRealm, helped shed some light on the next gen version of Injustice, which hasn’t been demonstrated to the public yet.


At NetherRealm, we loved the PS3. Like, I know some devs really didn’t like the SPUs [synergistic processing units, the hardware architecture of the PS3], but we have a tech team that spent eight years really perfecting that thing. So we had near-100 percent SPU utilization for Injustice.

That said, we were willing to give it up because the PS4 is so easy. It’s just — the tools are great, the hardware’s great, it’s super-elegant to work on. So getting code up and running is substantially easier than it’s been in past generations.

We could focus on art and gameplay very early on. That was important to be able to be a launch title, which is what we wanted.


To be completely fair, High Voltage Software led the porting to PlayStation 4 (and PC), although with the help of some people at NetherRealm. Still, in the end their combined effort apparently guaranteed the trademark 60FPS frame rate while enabling for “advanced antialiasing” and “high resolution uncompressed textures”, at least according to Urbano. We’ll find out soon anyway: PlayStation 4 is out in just two days, at least in North America.

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