Twitter data shows PS4 likely to outsell 2:1 XB1

According to a research conducted by LeadSift, the social conversations happening on Twitter show that PS4 is likely to outsell XB1 2:1.





For starters, tweets involving PlayStation 4 were almost double those of Xbox One. Even though just 3% of the conversations were negative, XB1 had double the number of negative mentions when compared to PS4. There’s also some interesting information on demographics: the graph says that people looking to buy XB1 or PS4 is two times less likely to be married when compared to customers of other consumer electronics, and apparently 650% more men talked about next gen consoles over women.

We’ll know soon enough if this data actually translates into reality, since PlayStation 4 is releasing in just four days in North America (Europe will have to wait the 29th), while Xbox One will release on 22th November. Which console are you buying, anyway?

Alessio PalumboBy Alessio Palumbo (1097 Posts)

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  • Ana Helušić


  • Steven Solidarios

    There’s nothing the Xbots can say about this. Twitter has spoken!

    • Mrteapot

      Says the Sony fangirl

      • Steven Solidarios

        I have every Playstation, Xbox & 360, 2 gaming PC’s, every Nintendo. Your insult is invalid Mrteapot. Go brew some love for Microsofts anus somewhere else!

        • Mrteapot

          I’ve had Sony since playstation 1 very first game warhawk, before that nintendo and up just name the system. Back to my original statement put your pompoms back on and continue twerking for Sony fangirl

          • Steven Solidarios

            If you think I’m a girl, you must be used to getting a lot of last calls. Have fun making no sense for the rest of your life!

            • Mrteapot

              Ok Sony fangirl :-) haha

  • ⚔Christophuh⚔

    pre-orders suggest otherwise. almost dead even with ps4 edging out slightly

  • Mrteapot

    So your saying the majority of tweets determine the sale ration….gtfo
    Your guestimation is based off of trolls, nice deductive work retard

  • (*_*)



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