Ready at Dawn: PS4 more powerful than most computers

Ready at Dawn developer is mostly known for its previous work on the PlayStation Portable, where they released games like God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta, although their last released game is God of War: Origins Collection for PlayStation 3. After a successful relationship with Sony, they have been trusted with a new blockbuster IP revealed at E3 2013: The Order 1886.

In a long article at GameInformer, the art director and tech director spoke at length about what enabled them to create such a richly detailed world as that seen in the screenshots; in particular, tech guru Garrett Foster said that this was due to the fact that PS4 is more powerful than most computers, and is the most powerful console “on the planet”.

The power speaks [for] itself. It’s more powerful than most computers on the planet, and it is the most powerful console on the planet. With that, they allow us bare-to-the-metal access [hardware free of pre-loaded software]. We can do whatever we want to. Even the head of ATI a couple months ago came out and said graphics are getting held back by a software layer that PC developers just can’t take advantage of. What we’re able to do is take it to a new level where we can literally take advantage of every cycle and try to make it as best it can be.

Artist Nathan Phail-Liff then added more specifics:

From an art standpoint, with every generational shift you can do more of everything. You can nickel and dime – ‘Oh we have this many more polygons and significant more textures.’ There’s this standard order of magnitude growth on the whole detail of level. But some of the standout things for us, going from the PS3 generation to the PS4, are the shading and internal models. That’s a huge thing. On PS3 there’s a lot more approximations of how objects look and respond to light. With the PS4 we can implement a much more reality-based, advanced shading model. So metals aren’t just shiny, they actually look like the physical samples in the real world. So that’s something that, for getting polygon and texture budgets just makes everything from lighting to physical objects really shine.

It will be very interesting to see Ready at Dawn’s transition to a truly huge IP developed for a home console. The Order 1886, which is said to have fairly similar mechanics to Gears of War, will release somewhere in 2014, exclusively for PlayStation 4.


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  • David Brown

    I call BS on that one. The DAY the PS4 and Xbone release they will already be obsolete compared to the current PC generation. The consoles only advantage is standardized hardware that allows for extreme optimization without have to worry about different hardware set-ups. My 12 month old PC has more memory and faster CPU and GPU that either of the next gen consoles. As well as more storage space and faster storage thanks to my SSD.

    • handsomejohn

      Obviously you didn’t read the part where the head of ATI said the hardware on the P.C is not the problem. The software not being able to take full advantage of said hardware. is the problem. Maybe you should work more on your reading comprehension skills and less on your snarky debunking remark skills.

      • David Brown

        But where would PS4 fanbois like you get troll-bait if I wasn’t snarky? And I stand by my assessment. If you read my post I said the console has better optimization due to a single hardware configuration. IE: The console can access the hardware better than the PC can(which is what you pointed out yourself), but the PC still wins through RAW power.

        • Matthew Rizzo

          Raw power, though doesn’t equate results. So, the article should REALLY say that it is a more powerful entertainment center, NOT simply “more powerful” in general Because yes, even if the PS4 was released with top-of-the-line hardware, any idiot knows that new hardware comes out the next week that tops it.

          • PubstarHero

            Okay then, lets rephrase this:
            The PS4 is already behind LAST generation of PC hardware. My old rig I sold for $350 makes the PS4 look like a kids toy. It could play games on high settings (higher than PS4/Xbox One) @ 1080P w/ 60FPS.

            • Matthew Rizzo

              And, I bet you could play Mp3s, too :)

              • PubstarHero

                Actually, I streamed internet radio while I was gaming =P

    • Ror

      This is the generic response from most PC users. They just look at the numbers of ‘things’, do math, and have equal to or more than the specs of next-gen consoles. This of course completely misses the point. My PC has 32GB DDR3 so obviously it’s better than 8GB of GDDR5 – sorry that was sarcasm. Regardless, it is a bullshit article. “Sony exclusive developer says Sony is best” derp.

      • Alessio Palumbo

        Well, to be completely fair, Ready at Dawn isn’t first party – it’s second party, much like Quantic Dream, and they aren’t owned by Sony.

        Also, it’s just one of many voices all singing the same song, from first party all the way to third party.

  • JackBanner

    A Sony publisher gloating about the power of a Sony product lol. Doubt it’s more powerful than my computer.


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