More hints of Naughty Dog’s new game set in space

After the memorable experience that was The Last of Us, the hype surrounding Naughty Dog‘s next game has simply skyrocketed. Gamers have been trying to find clues even in The Last of Us (which was hinted in Uncharted 3), and one of the collectibles was a comic book series called Savage Starlight, incidentally set in space. But there’s more. The developer already set up a website here, and this seems a bit of a waste if there wasn’t more to it; and in the last 24 hours, evidence has been piling up that seems to point exactly in that direction.


First of all, Naughty Dog’s Environment Artist David Ballard tweeted that the team was visiting SpaceX (a Californian space transport company) yesterday.

There’s more, though. Geoff Keighley, host of GTTV and executive producer of the VGA Awards, teased this image on Neogaf board:




Incidentally, Keighley also announced a “PS4 All Access” show on the night before the USA launch, with possible announcements of new games.


Even if that isn’t the right avenue, then the VGA Awards 2013 in December could be: Naughty Dog’s last two games have been announced there, after all. Want more evidence? It looks like a Naughty Dog employee crafted himself a Sci-fi helmet…


naughty dog employee_space_helmet



Now, either this is one of the biggest trolling attempts in recent videogame history, or a space game by Naughty Dog – perhaps Savage Starlight – is about to be announced. Are you ready?

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  • christrules0041

    You know when you click on the link to savagestarlights website that is for the movie by ABC entertainment digital media. Not Naughty Dog.

    • Alessio Palumbo

      It’s not real ABC, man. It’s fictional. Try this URL and see where it redirects:


      • christrules0041

        It redirected again to the same thing but thanks for the response. I wonder if this is what Keighley was tweeting about. 14 days till we find out but it’s going to feel so long.

        • Alessio Palumbo

          Yeah, that’s my point. It wouldn’t be a Naughty Dog thing if it didn’t redirect there from one of their URLs.

          For now Savage Starlight has been merely a fictional universe, but they may all have been clues to their next game in light of the most recent findings.

      • ALKi1234

        They tell you you’ve gotta learn your ABCs, but what they don’t tell you is you gotta learn ‘em backwards while balancing on one foot with a flashlight in your face!

    • Sveth

      You aren’t very bright, are you.

      • christrules0041

        Yeah I am. I’ve just got better things to do with my time like taking care of my 1 year old daughter. Small petty things like this has nothing to do with how ‘bright’ I am. You honestly know nothing about me.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Man, I will sh*t myself if naughty dog does a sci fi- aliens type game.

    • ALKi1234

      That makes to of us mate!!

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    This would make me consider keeping my PS4 pre-order.
    Killzone never hooked me (own all of them) and Infamous is fun but I’ve never finished either (got bored eventually). This is the first exclusive (company) that makes the console worth it for me.

  • NeoMahi

    I’m really glad to see that Naughty Dog haven’t given up on being traditional; and their reputation proceeds them. PSX was Crash Bandicoot, PS2 was Jak and Daxter, and PS3 was Uncharted. I loved Uncharted and part of the reason being was that Sony trusted Naughty Dog enough through the years to let them govern themselves and not milk their franchises. That’s part of why Naughty Dog is so good is that they keep it fresh. Their gamblers– but know the talent of their teams. Microsoft isn’t willing to do that and Halo still goes on, but devs don’t look at their studio and marvel. Lionhead is still doing Fable because they can’t move on. I love Uncharted but, I’m glad Naughty Dog have said “No, you’ve had enough.” And Uncharted and The Last of Us will always be remembered like Crash and Jak and this is why. I’m excited.

  • Guest

    More $0N¥ overhype that’s going to underdeliver.


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