Battlefield 4’s Campaign is about 4 Hours Long

According to Redditor BoomerFTW, it only took him just over 4 hours to beat Battlefield 4‘s single player campaign on normal difficulty. A photo of the closing credits is provided as proof of his completion. Despite the short length, BoomerFTW stresses that the campaign was an improvement over Battlefield 3. These are his thoughts on the campaign:


“It had more cinematic moments and the options to choose how you get past a section kept it interesting. Also the character development reminded me of the bad company games (although there wasn’t as many funny lines of dialogue). The environments were various enough to keep it fresh and interesting and the points system made it worth taking the time to take out enemies. Overall worth the time, just short.”


Battlefield 4 Credits


People don’t buy Battlefield for its story or single player content, however, 4 hours does seem way too short for a full priced game, even if it offers an excellent multiplayer component. We will see what people think of Battlefield 4‘s campaign when it launches on November 29th.

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  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    what teh fuck though

  • Kyle Jackson

    November the 29th??!! Wait another month :P

    • joe

      this is for xbox one. 360, PS3, and PC are out tonight at midnight and PS4 is out 11/15

  • Oleg Vyazhevich

    Titanfall is a multiplayer only game thats fully priced

    • Coffee

      OMG really? WTF?????
      That is a ripoff to the max, Im sure its a fun game but multiplayer only games should be half the price of one with a good single player. it takes way more effort to make an epic campaign than multiplayer

  • Shawn

    thats a flat out lie the game on normal takes about 6-8 hrs and i have beat it twice

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    that’s gotta be a joke…4 HOURS only? Can’t be right.

    • Losyak

      Hey, Vita’s Black Ops Declassified was 47 minutes long.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Really? I didn’t get to play that so I didn’t know. alright, I rest my case. BF4 will be great no matter what the length is; what matters is the message it has for gamers.

        • lolz

          No what matters is multiplayer

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            of course it matters. that’s what DICE built the series on in the first place. I think I might check out MP.

            • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

              @Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

              So, did you visit and post a comment on my website?


              By the way, me, “Sorahearts”, “HyperTallih”, “The *Official AndreasCY*”, “Wolf Star” and “Bryan “bytehead” Price” posted comments on my website.

              • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

                Yeah, I just left a comment.

                • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


      • Josué B. Hernández

        47 minutes longer You mean?

  • Dakan45

    Not even worth pirating then, IF you wanna play the sp part. Only bother if you wanna play mp.

    • Mitesh Ghanekar

      why am i not surprised

      • Dakan45

        I posted this specificly for people like you, games are becoming too large and too short and mp focused, just like titnfall and destiny. Therefore piracy will die and thus you wouldnt be able to whine about it.

        • Joe

          Oh no, all of the shooters are heading towards a MP-only future! Piracy is going to die!

          • Dakan45

            Cant say anythin about that considering developers and publishrs want to ban used sales on consoles If 160 milion ps3 and x360s cant get more than 1.5 million sales on sleeping dogs. It shows that piracy and used sales are a huge problem, so here is how they gonna fix this… mp online drm based games on consoles. Enjoy.

        • Mitesh Ghanekar

          oh wait, pc version is the most pirated, despite the size, i am soo shocked

          • Dakan45

            Are you implying that the x360 version is doing any better? The numbers are almost as large as the pc version.

            But i forgot only pc gamers pirate. Thank god gta v is on consoles and not on pc



            • Mitesh Ghanekar

              yep because 16000 leechers vs 3000 leechers is the same, very comparable, even the gta V torrents, even they dont come close to 16k

              • Dakan45

                It proves you are a fucking idiot.

                The leechers are pretty damn close, but its the seeds that matter and there are other ways of piracy other than torrents, ways you wouldnt even know and GUESS WHAT? Those ways always provide the console versions to torrents.

                Gta v sales are not at 29 million, but to make a point cod a mp only game has tens of million of sales higher than the pc version on consoles only. Does that dictate quality of the game? How about the fact that BF3 sales were just as high on pc as they were on consoles, infact the pc version had more sales than one of the two console versions.

                Bf4 is not big enough, cod ghosts is gonna be 50GB on pc, good luck pirating that when the ps3 version is only 10gb. Gta would have sold less on pc for the same reasons other games like it sell less, they dont even anounce it for pc and release it wherever they want, pc focused games though like the wticher sell well. But hey, i forgot game developers are retards for porting old games like castlevania lords of shadow, brutal legend, deadly premonition, oddysey to the west, viking and many others, because everyone is gonna pirate them. If thats the case, then why they port them? Could it be that they are making profit and you are a clueless retard?

                But you got that right 16000 leechers of which propably half wont even finish downloading, let alone actually want to buy bf4 for a 4 hour singleplayer experiance, is sooooooooooooo gonna run ea and dice’s profits. Especially in a world that games fail to make profit on consoles because they are 2 million short of sales.

                So say what you want, but with games failing on consoles by millions of sales due to “used sales” or whatever scapegoat trying to ingore the fact their games suck…pc piracy is irrelevant. If gta v sold so well on consoles, its only logical to port it to pc and FAST because most will just buy the console version rather waiting forever. Rockstar actually lost sales to saints row iv, since saints row iv is on pc and has higher sales on pc than the previous ones.

                But hey i am talking to a retard who seems to think that the only think matters if a few thousands of pirates, when games on consoles lacking sales by the millions and thus he should bash the console gamers for being sheap fucks and buying used games instead of scapegoating a few thousand irrelevant pirates which pale in comparison to the low sales on consoles.

                “and gta would probably sold only half if it had come for pc also”

                That makes no sense, the gta v ps3/x360 pirated versions were released before release, take a look at them you pretentious twat, then you go around calling everyone who plays on pc a pirate that ruins the industry, while in reallity your shitty consoles are ruining the industry wiht their insanely high sale requirements.

                and in the fucking long run, i couldnt care less if a company who wasted 108 millions on a generic linear shooter and 265 on a decent open world game, doesnt get a few thousands of sales from pc and console games due to piracy, THEY CAN TAKE IT, other companies like say the once great capcom, cannot. Capcom is dying, they only got 150 million in the market and they cant make next gen games. Why? because they wanted more sales and thus spended more money on advertizing their games so more people will buy them. This is what ps3/x360 have done to the industry and just like bioware said, true next gen games will cost 10 milion so dont expect anyone else other than gta to make TRUE next gen games. Hell watchdogs isnt even out and it already needs to sell 6.2 million copies, just imagine whats gonna happen if it sells 4-5 instead. Infact imagine how much the sequel is gonna need, about 10 million copies id say, yet you praise this shit.

  • spideynut71

    And to think people blamed the 360’s lack of Blu-ray all last gen for this shlt.

  • Da GeeZ

    So the Battle field series is completely out of ideas then… only 4 hrs !!!

    I’ll pass on BF4… it’s COD:Ghosts and Titanfall for me… plus Destiny when it comes out… can’t wait :)

    • Alessio Palumbo

      The Battlefield series has never been about the single player. Not to mention that COD: Ghosts will likely have a 5-6 hours campaign as well, and Titanfall is basically multiplayer only.

  • xbox_gamer

    I’m Glad i don’t play BF. # 3 and 4 demo are the same and sucked.

  • David Escalante

    “People don’t buy Battlefield for its story or single player content”

    I do, I don’t have the time to expend on online matches (while I enjoy some domination maps one in a while).

  • Georgino Bambino

    45 Mins through then, i record the campaign on my ps4. About three episodes in so almost 1/4 way there :P


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