No “rubberbanding” AI in Driveclub

To the disappointment of many fans of racing games, Evolution StudiosDriveClub was recently delayed to early 2014 (it was originally scheduled to release as a launch title exclusively for PlayStation 4). However, in the past couple days the developer begun making up for this with small new videos and interesting tidbits of new information. For example, Design Director Paul Rustchynsky just commented on Neogaf that in DriveClub, there is no such a thing as “rubberbanding” AI, a term referred to the artificial catch-up for enemy cars that often plagues many racing games, including Evolution’s Motorstorm.

Apparently, as later confirmed by Rustchynsky over Twitter, the AI was entirely rewritten for DriveClub.

You can read our very positive impressions at Gamescom, or watch the two newly released videos on Evolution’s official Facebook page.

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  • Slay

    Anyone and everyone already forgot about this flop. They delayed it because Forza would have slayed it. But it’s fine, no matter how long you delay, a flop is inevitable for Drive Club. Flop club is coming to a bargain bin near you.

  • Junior

    I am very happy with all improvements… DriveClub is going to be better than Forza 5.

    • Slay

      Lol no

      • Junior

        It’s ok if you this way, it’s your opinion ;-)


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