Battlefield 4 to run at 900p on PS4

In a post on Neo Gaf, the well-known user thuway says Battlefield 4 will run at 900p on the PlayStation 4.


The full post, which also mentions Call of Duty: Ghosts framerate, reads:



Battlefield 4 on PS4 is 900p on PS4. So speculation could be rampant, but this is where they are at now.

Also COD Ghosts has framerate issues to be ironed out by launch. Both machines.

One more bit of information, but working on getting another source for that will be nigh impossible, I have informed Kagari about it.

There has been no word on what Battlefield 4’s display will run at the for the Xbox One, but it’s possible the last bit of information thuway posted could lead to this confirmation.


We’ll keep you updated if there is anymore information regarding Battlefield 4‘s display.


Battlefield 4 will launch for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on Oct. 29. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One iterations will launch on Nov. 15 and Nov. 22 with each console’s respective debuts.

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  • BillyHoWCR

    Well… where is the up roar? hmmmmm….

  • Dakan45

    For 60 fps? Sounds about right.

    • Alessio Palumbo

      Yeah, I guess they had to make a compromise somewhere. Still getting it on PC though, I’ll get KZ:SF on PS4.

    • Mack20

      it sounds like your’re kissing sony’s ass, this is a next-gen console, we deserve games that runs a t 60fps and 1080p

      • Dakan45

        I freaking hate sony, their fake lies and promises and fanboys.

        I stick to pc for a crapazillion of reasons, i wont bother listing them, but my point is that this “next gen” is a joke, it is a small jump, it wont be as large as last time. X360 and ps3 were BEASTS when they came out, xbox one/ps4 are already outdated.

        Ms and sony cant build their own hardware anymore, they cant spend billions each year in research and development to make competitive hardware, so they just gone to the leading giants in hardware like amd. Amd proceeded on using their laptop APU architecture and X86 to make them easy and affordable. In order for YOU to be able to afford those consoles, they have to be cheap and thus weak.

        There is nothing wrong with that, its GAMES that matter not power, id pick 1080p and 60 fps with good gameplay over an amazing looking scripted linear game on barelly 30 fps to show amazing graphics.

        As nvidia stated consoles cannot be ahead of pc anymore, amd confirmed this by saying the hardware they are making on pc are far more expensive and powerfull than anything on next gen consoles. Hell the consoles have low power tablet cpus and they do not have the power supply to oupout massive rendering power.

        Again there is nothing wrong with that in every generation, the weakest console won, never the most powerfull console. What consoles need is high sales to cover their development budget and sell their games, not power. For that, you got pc.

  • Shawn

    you gotta love the pathetic idiots on n4g bf4 is confirmed to run on xb1 better due to direct x11.3 just ask jack frags have been playing against him and regardless of the resolution the game is great get over your selves wow gamers have become embarrassing entitled little kids… Tombstone squad reporting for duty !!!

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      lol idiot.

      BF4 is optimized for DX11.1

      which is supported by windows 8, PS4, and XB1.

      DX11.3 does not exist yet

      • Shawn

        You are a idiot its actually 11.2 direct x and micrsoft invented direct x so no ps4 does not use it they use open gl retard, thats why bf4 runs best on pc>xb1>ps4 period ….

        • SwappingFrom360toPS4

          nope, you’re still the idiot.

          BF4 is optimized for DX11.1

          which is supported by windows 8, PS4, and XB1.

          read that carefully.

          DX11.2 is supported by windows 8 and XB1 only. but no games are using it yet.

          you’re a bit confused so ill sum everything up for you.


          • Shawn

            You just cant tell some retards anything esp sony twats, you prolly never even owed a xbox if people care about graphics they would game on a pc, i hope not all crackheads like you expect the ps4 versions to be superior because i know for a fact bf4 cod ghost runs better on xb1 wait till the embargo is up, and alot of shitty ps4 news to brake today poor uniformed spooks ….

            • SwappingFrom360toPS4

              lol, please learn to speak english.

              and you still seem confused, so ill sum everything up for you. again


              yes, including CoD Ghosts (1080p 60fps on PS4) and BF4 (900p 60fps on PS4)

              • Eagles83

                Can we just agree that you are both idiots? Just kidding.

                Seriously though if all you care about is power then buy the games on PC. Every multi-platform release will run better on PC than either the PS4 or Xbox One.

                • SwappingFrom360toPS4

                  lol =P

                  yes this is true, but not everyone likes PC gaming, it is also more expensive to buy a PC. among many other reasons.

                  • Dakan45

                    Its more of an investment, you may spend more money initially but then the lower prices of games, cover the expenses, if you buy alot of games per year, you will get them cheaper on pc. Also after that an upgrade eithe a small one every 2 years or a big one every 4 years and you are good to go…IF you want better graphics if not, stay with the same graphics, crysis 3 for example on the lowest pc settings looks better than the console version. I am not joking. PC gaming is more versatile if you know what you are doing. If you dont wanna bother, stick to a console.

                • Alessio Palumbo

                  Well, not exactly. FIFA 14 and NBA2K14 for example will be better on consoles, since they are using old engines on PC.
                  Other than that though, of course PC has more raw power and generally it’s the best choice.

                  • Eagles83

                    Yes that is true but it is only because the devs are usually lazy when it comes to sports games on the PC. Sports games never seem to be a focus on PC. Madden football used the old engine for years after the 360 and PS3 came out.

                    • Alessio Palumbo

                      It’s not about that. I’ve thought about it and it kind of makes sense, although admittedly it sucks. Sports games are meant for the largest possible fanbase, which means they are trying to cater to the lowest possible PCs, and right now the average PC for such a large fanbase isn’t really in a position to use the new engines.

                      Things are different for Battlefield 4 for example, since PC gamers who care about it are more than willing to upgrade their configurations for the new game. Shooter fans are more hardcore, in essence, and have a far more powerful PC on average.

                    • Eagles83

                      Also very true. Never heard anyone upgrade a pc for FIFA but definitely several for Crysis and the like.

                    • Dakan45

                      Id argue that at this point, most people can run those games, this is a a 7-8 year console generation, WE HAVE THE TECHONOLOGY and had it for years, its just ea sports being lazy as usual.

                      On the othr hand pro evolution is doing fine…and has higher sales on pc from fifa.

                  • Dakan45

                    EA sports has been doing this bullcrap since forever. Its their fault. Ubisoft, dice and iw have confirmed that their games will beat the next gen versions on pc. STILL gameplay> graphics.

                • Dakan45

                  Yeah crysis 3 on consoles runs udner the lowest pc settings. Iw, dice and ubisoft have confirmed the pc version will beat the next gen versions and even oblivion looked better on pc than the “next gen” x360.

                  I find it ridiculus when console fanboys shove their heads in the screens on comparisons screens between gta v on ps3 and x360 trying to feel that one of the 2 superior, they look the same, if you trully want better graphics, invest on pc, if not enjoy the game as it is.

            • SwappingFrom360toPS4

              what can i say… i told ya i was correct.

              BF4 on XB1 720p
              BF4 on PS4 900p

              CoD on XB1 720p
              CoD on PS4 1080p

          • Dakan45

            pff comparing diffirent apis is pointless.

        • John


  • Jessenia Lopez

    PS4 is more powerful

    • Eagles83

      Yes it is a little more powerful but what is the point? PC’s are up to four times more powerful than the PS4. This whole power argument is futile and if it is all you care about then you should game on the PC.

      • Alessio Palumbo

        Well, that’s a bit narrow minded. PCs are a different beast, and all their power doesn’t quite convert in quality and performance unlike consoles, so to say that they are “up to four times more powerful than the PS4” is a bit misleading to say the least.

        Also, PS4 at 399€ is far cheaper than any truly powerful PC.

        • Eagles83

          I understand the differences between PC’s being open and consoles being closed systems and how consoles can be coded more to their metal so to speak. Having said that I am gaming on three 1080 monitors at max settings at 60 frames a second. These new consoles are struggling to hit that on one monitor even though they are essentially PC in architecture.

          Yes the consoles are cheaper and that is why I don’t expect top grade graphics from them. I am a console gamer as well and have preordered both of the new systems. I’m just tired of hearing these pathetic power arguments from people over the PS4 when it can’t do what a good PC could. It is like bragging over the fastest v6 car when v8’s will smoke them for a little more money.

          Also, you are being narrow minded that while PC’s are more expensive, they can do more things and the games are cheaper.

        • Meow

          You’re forgetting Mantle. That will erode any performance advantage consoles have for any given piece of hardware.

      • Jessenia Lopez

        gaming pc is dead

        • Neal_K

          You don’t play on a PC so you have no idea what you’re talking about. Sometimes even old games from 2005 still have very vibrant online communities.

          • Aesthemic

            While console games often lose their online, PC gamers find ways to create private servers to keep games running. Even Doom is still played online in this day and age. It’s absolutely amazing.

          • Dakan45

            Games from the 90s still sell.

            On consoles? not so much. If i go and check cod 2, i will Still find people playing, trying playing cod4 or waw on a console however, you wont find anyone playing.

        • Aesthemic

          Do you know what grammar is?

          To better articulate the point you’re attempting to make no matter how bad it is:

          “PC gaming is dead.”

          Except that it is not. It’s larger than ever. Look at League of Legends. It’s larger than Call of Duty. We’re approaching times where more people are watching eSports than people are watching physical sports. We are looking at the booming monetization of gaming peripherals such as mechanical keyboards specifically for personal computers. While PC sales are in question, gaming PCs are still turning a profit.

          Right now is an amazing time to be a PC gamer~

        • Dakan45

          Since when?

          Let me guess it proudly dies since the 80s, must be hard to kill pc.

          Lets see pc revenue reached 20 billlion in 2012,thats more than ms and sony makes out of consoles.

          Ea makes more money on pc than ps3.

          Steam is killing it. So much they expand on consoles with steambox and a superior controller and service

          Pc has more exlusives than ALL CONSOLES COMBINED.

          More developers work on pc than console games.

          PC constatly innovates with new techologies.

          Games like crysis 3 run on x360/ps3 UNDER the lowest pc settings, thats how crap consoles have ended up being after all those year, you run games on LOW settings. Pc has been “next gen” for years essentially.

          25$ million have been donated to star citizen by pc gamers, because the publishers who make dumb generic games, sure as hell aint gonna bother with a game unless it sells 5-10 millions.

          On top of that everything you see in next gen is bascily stolen from pc

          The hardware and architecture? Stolen from pc.

          The f2p, mmo and video capturing/browser? Stolen from pc.

          Indie games? Stolen from pc, indiestation 4 is filled with f2p and indie games.

          Hell ken levine said “if you want to see the future of gaming, buy a pc”

          But despite all that, you clueless dudebros think that gaming is all about cod, fifa and a console.

          Lets see how console gaming is REALLY doing.

          EA : Crysis 3, moh warfighter, syndicate, kingdoms of amalaur, dead space 3, all those games floped in sales. I wont bother talking about what happen to mass effect 3.

          Capcom, dmc floppd, resident evil 6 wanted 7 million sales,got 5, not enough for capcom. Now they are left with 150 million in the bank and cant afford to make a next gen game.

          Thq is dead, darksiders 2 and resistance 3 flopped so bad that they killed the franchise.

          Square enix: hitman absolution and tomb raider barelly broke even and on 160 milion ps3 and x360s, sleeping dogs sold ONLY 1.5 million.

          Amazing sales there brah, if there is anything that is dying, thats console gaming, with games costing too much to develop and requiring too many sales for being samey generic shooters. On the other hand pc has variety and innovation and a higher revenue through a diffirent market. Yup pc is so dead that developers bother porting old games on pc. Like alan wake making its development costs back in 48hours, ikaruga, brutal legend, oddysey to the west, deadly premonition and new games are constaly greenlighted for release on steam.

          Those games didnt sell well on consoles, after a few months the sales dry up and those games are irrelevant. Yet developers port them to pc because there is profit to be made since games keep selling for decades thanks to steam without the developers having to life a finger.

          Pc has NEVER been better or more profitable.

          But let the console owners fool you with lies.

          Ps, lets say that pc dies out of nowhere, do you know what will happen? Consoles will die too, because ms and sony and nitendo, cant buld their own consoles anymore. Pc hardawre has advanced so much that it would take billions over billions each year for sony and ms to develop hardware that is on par with pc. So they dont. They go to the hardware leaders like amd to make them for them. If pc dies, no profit for amd, no money to develop new powerfull chips, no hardware to put on your consoles.

          If any of the two dies, that will be console gaming, since if something screws up like sega, then the entire company thats the hit, just like sony had double the losses of x360 with ps3 and if ps4 does not sucseed, sony will be in serious trouble. On pc however no one owns pc, no one can take the hit if something bad happens.

          Pc consoles require thousands of dollar licenses from developer and they have to get their games approved from sony and ms AND pay 10 bucks from each copy sold as royality fees, while pc is a free platform and everyone could release whatever they want, without having to pay off someone or get approved.

          Enjoy crying in the corner.

        • Joe

          gaming Pc is very dead i dont care what none of you little…. fan boys be talking bout u can keep your little PC systems lol PC’s dont even have half the games that consoles be coming out with lol…who cares not me lol Sony for life im way happy with the results right now… only to get better in the next year lol….

          • Neal_K

            PC actually have more exclusives than all the other consoles combined. You’ve got a couple sub categories like RTS games that aren’t on consoles and there are a ton of indie games on the pC that aren’t on consoles. A lot of the triple A games will be on consoles and PC but the more creative games like HAWKEN are only PC.

          • Dakan45

            “C systems lol PC’s dont even have half the games that consoles be coming’


            The other way around pc has the most exlusives than all consoles combined.


            • Joe

              Ha Ha!! accually i can go out there right now and more then half the games on ps3, ps2, nintendo, cant even be found on PC lol u crack me up son lol!!! like i said stick to your computer desk and your little 2,000 dollar systems ps4 is 399.00 and is extremely powerful lets see one of your PC’s match the PS4 specs for under $400 lol i dont think so my friend lol..ill put u on blast son!! lol

              • Dakan45


                Too bad ALL those games can be found with emulators.

                Pc is bringing revenue so developers even bother to port all console only games to pc like deadly preomonition, ikaruga, odyssey to the west, brutal legend castvlevania lords of shadow.

                Also check this out


                Old list, but its relevance is the same, pc has 10 times as many exlusives than consoles as it always had.

                2.000 dollar pcs?

                PLease i got a 5 year old pc that didnt even cost 1000$ and with a 200-300 upgrade i am able to keep playing games on next gen with BETTER graphisc, Cod ghosts, bf4, black flag, watchdogs all those games on pc are confirmed to beat the next gen versions becuase next gen is WEAK because ms and sony cant develop their own hardware anymore, so they gone to amd to do it, and in order for you average joes to be able to afford them, they had to be weak and affordable as amd stated “next gen consoles cannot beat pc, the hardware we make on pc are much harder to make and more powerfull and expensive than anything on next gen consoles” Therefore, you are having the cheap ass inferior experiance and thats about it, continue trolling i ll keep on pwnign you.

                • Joe

                  who cares about emulaters lol nobody its all about consoles as it always has been lol….what specs are in your so called computer that is under 1000 dollars PC boy lol….i build computers you please tell me what specs are in your pc that macth the ps4’s power lol? everybody knows consoles cant beat PC thats clear as day lol…..but like i said lets see a PC for under 400 bucks to match the ps4’s power it wouldnt even tred water against the ps4 you pathetic specimen lol….as u stated your old 5 year pc didnt cost over a grand!! but how much did it cost…(here comes the lie lol)….trolling your funny u keep talking your little PC nonsence lol….I rather a console over a PC anyday unlike other people i could care less about graphics….thats sad because need for spped rivals on the ps4 looks better then the PC version by far….battlefield for on ps4 looks almost identical to PC lol….yea there is a little difference with sharpness and texture but who cares lol….like i said 399.00…what PC can stand up to the awesome power of the PS4 son!!! not one PC!!!!

                  • Dakan45

                    “its all about consoles as it always has been lol.”

                    AHAHAHAHAHH if you trully think that, then you are a gigantic moron, consoles have been losing revenue since forever, pc is growing pc is the future.

                    no one needs super powerfull pcs.

                    “….i build computers you mutt.”

                    You build shit and shove it up your ass, if you builded anyhting you would know that you dont HAVE to build a 400 pc but just shove a 400 upgrade in there and you are good to go.

                    i really like how….. you put….. before…. posting…. showing…. just how…. pathetic…..and clueles… you are….

                    So keep posting bullshit.

                    PS4 “POWER” is beaten by a 500 pc, if you go on arguing about 100$ then you are clearly a pathetic sonyrtard and a cheap twat

                    ” let PC fool you with LIES”

                    First of all ps4 IS a pc essentially, thats what the dumb did, they fcked up with ps3 cell adn gone to pc to save em, second of all if ANYONE overhype with lies and underdelivers its sony. bf4 900p, deep downgrade? got deep downgraded, killzone shadowfall got downgraded as well HOORAYY for ps4 POWERR i am sure that weak crappy tablet cpu is gonna output so much power.. NO WAIT if you were building pc, you would now for a fact that tablet low power cpus cant output enough power to be as fast as desktop cpus, but keep being a retard and believing that sony will give you 2000$ worth of pc power when even amd who made the damn thing admitted its weaker than a decent pc.

                    • Joe

                      First off correct your grammer lol!! second your sad exactly my point i dont need to throw a 400 dollar upgrade in a Ps4 to get the power i need you dumb ass lol…..and i put “DOTS” so i can slow down for your retarted ass lol…..seee……seee…. more dots u understand yet lol… clueless because i put period marks…lol fucking looser!! your garbage hey guess what u cant build a 400 dollar PC and expect it to match the ps4 lol even if it has weaker cpu which i already know lol….. u keep dreaming on that wont even be on par lol…. it will be complete shit and wont beable to run any current gen games that good without overloading or having shitty framerate issues or crashes… which ive already experienced lol… A “DECENT” gaming PC will cost about 600 dollars and still 200 more then ps4…we are still talking about 399.99 and your dumb ass is talking about 400 dollars for and if u throw a 400 dollar upgrade on a 400 dollar PC…lets do the math..400 plus 400 is 800….let me keep going almost done lol… thats 400 extra dollars which still makes ps4 399.99 lol so thats an extra 400 bucks i can save when i already have the power i need at 399.99 hemmmm!!! …so ill….post……more……bullshit…so u can…… can…see!!!!!! PS. Sony isnt even close to understanding the new hardware for the next gen ps4 console yet…imagine a year from now or two…ha!!! ill remain quiet lol… more thing ps4 is so bad and so weak right!!! and uses all this outdated weak shit? but look at its games and textures and framerates looks fucking awesome but its weak!!! seems to me its on par with a mid range gaming pc which will cost u about 675 dollars lol again ps4 399.99 lol…..fuck off

                    • Dakan45

                      keep posting….with insults….desperatly….trying….to get….your….point….acorss….no wait.

                      You dont have any points you fucking retard.

                      Yes puting…. makes you clueless.

                      “First off correct your grammer lol!!”


                      and you stop doing ……this….crap….there are COMMAS you fucking dipshti, use em.

                      “ fucking looser!! your garbage hey guess what u cant build a 400
                      dollar PC and expect it to match the ps4 lol even if it has weaker cpu”

                      Ofcourse you can, google “myth of console optimization” You are notgetting better optimization you just run games at CRAP settings.

                      “it will be complete shit and wont beable to run any current gen games
                      that good without overloading or having shitty framerate issues or

                      HAHAHh you dont know SHIT about pcs kid.

                      “u throw a 400 dollar upgrade on a 400 dollar PC…lets do the math..400 plus 400 is 800..”

                      I am having hard time understandingyou kiddo, USE PUNCTUATION. Why upgrade a 400 pc? Just use your cureent pc and UPGRADE IT with 400-500 and BEAT ps4.



                      ” already have the power i need at 399.99 hemmmm!!! …so
                      ill….post……more……bullshit…so u can…… can…see!!!!!!
                      PS. Sony isnt even close to understand the new hardware for the next
                      gen ps4 console…imagine a year from now or two…ha!!! ill remain
                      quiet lol”

                      I cant even read that, but you got that right, you do post BULLSHIT.

                      However you are right the dumb japs at sony dont understand the PC architecture, they hardly understood their own crappy CELL architecture, they got no idea what to do with x86, so why they did it? Because its easier for the devs. This next gen is cheap it is not as big of a jump as last time, you will not see a big diffirence in the future, developers had to learn the architecture each time, now they already know most of it, its pc architecture and developers are hitting barriers already with 720p games whcih is PATHETIC and nothing “next gen” about it. So to simplifiy it for clueless consoletards like you, THEY ARLEADY KNOW MOST OF THE HARDWARE AND ARE ALREADY HITTING BARRIERS.. last time i checked we didnt go from 720p 30 fps to 1080p 60 fps in this generation of 8 years so to conclude this, YOU ARE NOT gonna get magical perfomance out of nowhere, just run gmaes in inferiors settings.

                      Pc wins

                    • Joe

                      If u think a 400 dollar pc is on level with a ps4 let me slap u a bit lol, myth of the console lol why do that when I mess withjust about every pc out there and your dumb sony is not familiar with the new hardware lol…its funny every other game on ps4 runs at 60fps @ 1080p clown…so what if pc has done it for years consoles are closing the gap lol…u talk shit how ps4 is so weak say why build a 400 dollar pc when u can add 400 dollars to what a pc that’s already 700 dollars…again we are talking about a 400 dollar console that is just as powerful as a mid range gaming pc that’s going to cost over 600 dollars…your paying twice as much for upgrades and the pc…about 1, 600 why pay that whwn I can have a console at 400 bucks with no upgrades that’s just as powerful even with weaker cpu lol….I don’t need to prove a point to tour retarted ass lol….it will cost u tuns more to get a powerful pc….it will cost me 400 to get a powerful console….plain and simple lol….so I don’t have points because your stupid critter ass fails to see that I can play something just as powerful for 400 bucks compared to overpriced pcs lol….that’s my only point pcs are more powerful duhh not argument sucka lol…..u say I don’t know about pcs…lol u don’t know shit about consoles…now ill play my ps3 until my super computer comes out lol

                    • Dakan45

                      The fact you keep saying 400$ pc makes me laugh my ass off.

                      Just upgrade your old one and you are good to go FOR LESS than 400$

                      “ts funny every other game on ps4 runs at 60fps @ 1080p clown”

                      Like? watdhdogs 30 fps, bf4 960p with 50-60fps on high pc settings.

                      “again we are talking about a 400 dollar console that is just as powerful as a mid range gaming pc”

                      Yup, what qualifies as a mid range pc? A 200-250 videocard and a 150-200 cpu. The rest are JUST a pc.

                      “.your paying twice as much for upgrades and the pc…about 1, 600”

                      NOPE i can upgrade my old pc for less than 400$ You dont know crap about hardware.

                      “that’s just as powerful even with weaker cpu lol”

                      Kid stop posting….. and lol, it makes it really hard to understand your shit. LEARN GRAMMAR,

                      The cpu of ps4 is a tablet low power cpu, it bottlenecks the gpu, THEREFORE you dont needanything expensive.

                      “it will cost me 400 to get a powerful console….plain and simple lol..’

                      Yet that comes from someone who suposselly builds pcs. Laughalbe, everyone who builds pcs know that console optimization is a myth.



                      “compared to overpriced pcs lol.”

                      pcs are not overpriced like amd said they cost more to make and are more powerfull, Consoles are sold at a loss, the real price of ps4 is about 700.

                      “now ill play my ps3 until my super computer comes out lol”

                      I am laughing my ass off at how big of a pauperetard you are. Yes continue playing games on LOW pc settings on yout pathetic trashbox and when ps4 comes out, you gonna get a low end cpu and midrange videocard as nvidia said NOT a supercomputer. japs may see it that way, but their CELL tech sucks ballz

                  • Joe

                    399.99…399.99…399.99 lol haha!!!

      • Dakan45

        Id say 5 at this point, ps4/xbox one aint even out yet and they get more outdated each 6 months. The advances both amd and nvida make are unbelivel, with mantle with RX wiht the 780 TI offering titan perfomance. Both consoles are bassicly cheap pcs, amd has confirmed that the hardawre they make are far harder to make and more powerfull and expensive than anything on the next gen consoles.

      • Edsword

        I used to be a PC gamer, I have to say that I think it is sad that PC gamers get on here and argue with console gamers about the superiority of the PC. I also think its sad that gamers argue the XB1 and PS4 differences without being able to have a constructive conversation. Here’s the thing, unless you are wealthy, most of us live in a world where there is a limited amount of money available to us. Therefore we have to make decisions based on the cost benefit of a console or a gaming PC. I don’t think for one second the PS4 is more powerful than a $2000 gaming rig. However, I do know that it is 1/5 the costs. So I have to decide if the gaming experience I get from a $2000 PC justifies its cost of a $400 PS4. While I know the PC has superior graphics, the reality is, for me, it just does not justify a price tag that is 5 times more. Therefore I will buy the PS4. I make enough to buy a gaming PC, my current income not including my wife’s is just north of 100K a year. In the area I live that is really good money. I have more than enough to afford a $2000 gaming rig, but I have other things I want to buy as well. I also have to calculate in the time that I spend gaming, which right now, since I am employed full time and have a family and other obligations is a very small slice of my available time. So once again, I must ask myself, should I buy a $2000.00 PC that I game on maybe 3 to 4 hours a week on a good week? Or do I settle for a PS4 which I will also use as a Blu-ray player and video streaming box in my entertainment center? Sure I could do those things with the PC, but it really has no benefit over the PS4 in those areas so it still does not justify the costs to me. In fact I like using the PS4 better (at least I do the PS3) than the PC for those items because of the controller and the ease of hooking up, booting, etc.
        Now as to the power differential between the PS4 and Xbox One, get the system you want and stop worrying about it! Yes the PS4 is more powerful and you are lying to yourself it you think the Xbox One some how is going to pull out better performance. The difference however is marginal. Get the system that you feel has or will have the best exclusives. I for one am going PS4 because I like R&C (even though insomniac has gone multi-plat), Uncharted, The Last of Us, Killzone, Infamous, and Grand Turismo games. I also like Halo, but I didn’t really see any other console exclusives that would make me buy an Xbox. For those of you that like Gears of War, Crackdown, Halo, Killer Instinct, and Forza, those games will not be on PS4 so stop regretting your decision. After all, you will have the best version of those exclusive games. This fighting is just silly. And fanboyism is dumb. These organizations would not come to bat for you for any reason, so stop going to bat for them. Accept that anyone with reasonable means can buy which ever system they want and it is you, the consumer, that they should be trying to convince to buy their product. If you can’t be happy with it, perhaps you should wait and not buy at launch, wait until you know you can justify your purchase and then buy, but don’t get on forums to beat everyone over the head with your stupidity.

        • Eagles83

          Wow that was a very long post and I think you missed the point I was making. I wasn’t trying to get people to play on the PC or talk about its superiority. My point was that people will not quit talking about the power of the PS4 which is why I posted the comment that if all you are concerned with is power then you shouldn’t buy a console. I am a big console gamer as well so don’t think for a second that I’m just a PC snob.

          No one gives a damn what you want to spend your money on or how much of it you make. I’m not a fanboy of any kind as I buy all of the systems except for Nintendo. I think all of the pointless arguing over power is stupid and is primarily coming from the PS4 camp as pure fanboyism. You should know what you are talking about or at least be able to properly ascertain the meaning of a post before writing a long diatribe.

          • Dakan45

            A few things id like to tell you.

            You should NEVER spend more than 1400$ on a pc.

            I could build you a 500$ pc that will perfom just as well if not better than ps4.

            Most of us dont buy pcs, we upgrade our old ones over the years. So its more of an investement, you got a pc, you can upgrade it wherever you feel like it for as amuch as you want.

            After 7-8 years the consoles are horribly weak, every graphically impressive game on consoels runs on low pc settings and the pc version is twice the install size of the console version due to better graphics.

            We pc gamers wait for new consoles to push technology. HOORAY,, they are here and they are pc, but hardware development is so expensive that sony and ms had to go to amd to make it for them and they had to make it cheap in order to sell it for a low price so everyone can buy it.

            I dont play on pc to “Feel superior” but because i get a better experiance, far far better graphics, more fps, better controls, the ability to change the controls to whatever i want. Eg killzone 2 demands that you click the thumbstics to aim, you can set the aim buttons to whatever you want on pc. Mods, better sound, not kidding a pc can produce better sound than x360/ps3 but now that ps4/xbox one have dedicated audio cards like pcs, thats gonna change. Lower prices thanks to steam, a far largier variety of exlusives and innovative games, while on consoles games have to be aproved by sony and ms, thus, games play alike to ensure sales. Also better mp, if you got to play cod 2 or bf2 on pc, you will still find people playing, on consoles however, good lack finding people playing cod4, everyone mothed to the new one. Finally compability, i dont have to unplug my ps4 to plug my ps3 to play gta v, i can play every old game from the 90s and also play n64, gameboy, snes games with emulators.

            If you know what you doing pc is great, if not and you just want to play games, just stick to a console, i find it pathetic that people sit and compare gta v on ps3 and x360 and try to figure out which is the superior version, they look the same. Play them and get it over with.

            its good that both consoles fight each other, had not that be the case sony would make us all buy 600$ ps3s to play games and xbox one would reinforce drm since no one would give a better service. The fanboy war is pathetic. We all know why people buy a console, to either play exlusive games or because its the better deal from the two options you got. Funny how in the past there used to be alot of consoles ,but now its less and less, i wouldnt want one company to dictate gaming…EVER, that will be the end of it.

            • Eagles83

              Well while I would agree with you that you can build a good PC for $1400 I wouldn’t go so far as to say that you should never spend more than that. I love building rigs as a hobby and I went all out on my new system to have the water cooling and the neat and tidy single braided power supply cabling. I spent about $3200 doing so but it will be a great system for years and it was a fun project.

              I built a Steam box as well for about $1000 to function as an HTPC as well as a PC console experience for the living room. We cut out our tv service so I wanted to have this system to stream various online websites as a replacement.

              As far as everything else you said I agree. I think all of the comparisons between console games are pointless. Unless the same game on both platforms were running side by side you couldn’t tell which is which easily. If you want power then get a good PC, but if you just want to play games on a budget then pick a console and be happy. No need for people to make fun of the other console or other people just to justify the decision they made.

              BTW, you are preaching to the choir when it comes to pc gaming. I love mods as much as the next person.

            • Truth

              Wow, you almost sound like a normal human being.

        • Neal_K

          Let’s just see, these so called next gen consoles can’t even do 1080 resolutions. The PC market is starting to adopt 3840 × 2160 or 4k resolution. Console systems are just really falling behind more behind the PC.

      • Lau

        A LITTLE? Lol, it’s a LOT more powerful!

        • Eagles83

          Not really. I know PC components very well and these are practically PCs at this point. It is going to be roughly 20 percent more powerful. I call 20 percent a little more powerful.

      • Mac Joe

        Dude have you taking a look at how much a really good rig costs you to run those same games i RUN FOR JUST 400$ so you pay thousands of dollars to play what i play at 400$ and plus all the pc games on ps4 is just one dial down as far as graphics go The Witcher 3 on ps4 will be like on high setting instead of advanced or wateva they called it so just one step down big deal i dont mind Im still gonna enjoys it the gameplay and story

    • Guest

      Paupers like YOU can’t afford a PC. You’re $0N¥ PAUPERS!

  • spideynut71

    Supercomputer? Not so much…

  • Marcus Roue

    Seeing as how CoD: Ghosts and KillZone: ShadowFall are running 1080p @ 60fps, I suspect EA/DICE gimped BF4 on the PS4. Can’t upset Micro$oft and their deep pockets.

    Might reconsider buying BF4 just to punish EA/DICE.

    • Dakan45

      Only they dont, ghosts is unconfirmed and it looks far far worse than both shadowfall and BF4. Also shadowfall is 30 fps on sp and 60 on mp, no wonder the mp part looks like playing crysis 2 on a decent pc.

      If anything is gimped its next gen consoels, IW, Dice and ubisoft have confirmed that the pc version of their games will beat the next gen console versions. If you go check the oblivion review in gamespot, you will see the reviewer states that the game looks better on pc rather on the “next gen” at the time x360.

      So no matter on what console you are playing, your experiance is “gimped” So Just stick to the gameplay, if you wanna go look for small details, then get a pc.

      OR you can just enjoy the gameplay not the graphics.

      • Marcus Roue

        I know and understand the consoles will always be behind the PC’s graphic prowess. At the very least I expected most next-gen games to utilize everyone’s HD TV panels to the fullest. It is 2013 after all.
        However it doesn’t mean I want to be caught in the PC rat race to hell. Am I forever obliged to upgrade every 2 years just to catch up to the latest eye candy the developers put out? Just gets too expensive.

        Killzone is absolutely beautiful and from the videos I’ve seen it puts CoD and BF to shame.

        • Dakan45

          “I expected most next-gen games to utilize everyone’s HD TV panels to the fullest. It is 2013 after all.’

          But it cant happen because next gen consoles are weak to be affordable. If you payed 600 for a console you would have that.

          Hell i was doing 960p back in 2003.

          ‘Am I forever obliged to upgrade every 2 years just to catch up to the
          latest eye candy the developers put out? Just gets too expensive.”

          No you are not oblidged to do anything. You can STILL play the game with worse graphics it still beats the console version.

          if you get a cheap videocard at around 200$ then you will need to upgrade every 2 years to catch up with the latest tech but with 300-400, you are good for 4-5 years. Its versatile.

          For the record, WHY do you need to have the best graphics? The console version of crysis 3 runs UNDER the lowest pc settings, the console version of bf3 runs on low pc settings. You dont need to max out everything.

          Bf4 and crysis 3 beat killzone shadowfall, other than that it has no rival until witcher 3 and maybe star citizen.

          • Marcus Roue

            Well be honest. If you have a mediocre video card are you really going to be happy knowing the latest game with all the eye candy available can be played with a $500 graphics card? It’s like crack and the fact that something better can be bought will put you in a spending frenzy.

            At least for consoles you can’t buy more GPU/CPU power because there isn’t any until the next console releases in 6-9 years.

            Another advantage to consoles: you’re on a level playing field with everyone else especially in multiplayer.
            There are many times where a gamer in a multiplayer much has an advantage if his PC rig is heavily maxed out over someone who has a low-end or mid-range PC. Not very fair.

            • Dakan45

              So you are annoyed knowing you dont play wih the best graphics on pc but you are not annoyed with running crysis UNDER the lowest pc settings on ps3/x360 and not been able to do a thing about it? I dont get it.

              Also on mp everyone on pc turns down the graphics for more fps.

  • Edsword

    Battlefield could have easily run at 1080p at a lower frame rate on the PS4 then. I think given more time to optimize, they probably could have gotten it to the 1080p 60fps. I for one have been playing games for years, even on PC for a time and I really don’t know what all the hype is about 60fps. I guess there are really people who can tell a difference, but I could not tell you if a game is at 30 or 60 without actually having an fps counter up. I am willing to bet the majority of people who are on these discussions that complain about 30fps could not tell either. They just want to be told that is what it is at. Anyway, I’m really excited to see the PS4 off to what looks like is going to be a good start with the resolution and frame rates that are being touted. After all this is only launch and developers will learn the ends and outs of these machines in the next few years to be able to create some pretty spectacular games. I for one am hoping that some original titles come out this gen. I would like to see some more rpgs and platformers as the past console generation just had a dearth of good games in those genres. I would also like to see more ‘good’ family games. It seems only Nintendo is interested in family games anymore, but I have a little girl and I don’t like playing M rated games around her so I don’t. I have to wait until she goes to bed or I just have some alone time to play. I guess violence and profanity sells, which is unfortunate because I believe the real gamers like variety and not just COD. Anyway, getting the PS4, mike pick up the XB1 near the end of its lifecycle to play the exclusives for cheap, we’ll see.


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