Dungeon Defenders 2 Rebooted; No Longer a MOBA

A post by the new Studio Director of Trendy Entertainment, the minds behind Dungeon Defenders, states that the sequel to the indie hit is getting a complete reboot to what it was originally meant to be and will focus more on being a “true sequel” to the original game. For those unfamiliar with Dungeon Defenders, the game is exactly what the title suggests; you (and another 3 friends) defend a dungeon from waves of increasingly difficult enemies. You can set up traps or battle the foes yourself earning money and XP along the way.


The sequel was meant to be a PvP MOBA-style game, which would have been a massive departure to the original concept of the first game. The studio, however, decided to go back to the core ideals of the first game and scrapped the MOBA aspects. A new teaser trailer has been released and can be viewed below.



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