AC4 lets you lose yourself in the Caribbean, says Ubi

In an interview with PCGamer, Creative Director Ashraf Ismail confessed that the main goal with AC4: Black Flag is to let players lose themselves in the vast Caribbean open world created by Ubisoft Montreal.

With Black Flag, we want players to be completely lost in the Caribbean. What I mean is, you have a mission that is at the top of the map, but when you move in that direction the game world will keep inviting you to move off that path without you knowing it. Maybe if you find yourself, 45 minutes later, nowhere near that mission start, but you’ve done a bunch of harpooning and found a bunch of treasures and updated the Jackdaw, this for me is achieving a level of immersiveness that really only open world games can achieve. We’re always going to push the immersiveness layer, having systems that attract you and pull your attention

Personally I am a big fan of open world games and I completely agree with Ismail, although I must also add that it will be very difficult for any game to even come close to Grand Theft Auto V.


AC4 has the evergreen pirate setting, though, and this will certainly help in the creation of a full fledged identity along with the expanded naval exploration and combat sections. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag will release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and WiiU later this month (29 October in North America and 31 in Europe), while PC users will have to wait 19 November (NA) and 22 November (EU; finally, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will get the title at their respective launch dates.

Did you decide where are you going to buy it yet?

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  • Marco Boschini

    With an announced 30 Gb required on my HD i just HOPE to lose myself at least once! xD


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