Killzone Shadow Fall file size is about 50 GB

In an interview with Eurogamer, Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara revealed that Killzone Shadow Fall will have a size of more than 50 GB, so it’ll take a while to download it from the PSN – although fortunately, with the “Play as you Download” functionality, players won’t have to wait before enjoying the game.

There are big innovations in the PS4 to make it more attractive and more easy gamer wise to want to download. The Play as you Download functionality, for example, means you don’t need the whole file before you go. This is a little bit counterbalanced by the fact the files themselves are getting bloody big. Killzone: Shadow Fall is an uber file – I think it’s cracking on for 50GB. It looks it, too, when you see it.

It is still a relatively tedious process. We’ve done a lot of work on pre-delivering files. It’s not perfect. It’s not seamless. The file version of the game versus the disc version of the game maybe needs to go through additional QA and additional testing. Some of the problems that have occurred have occurred on older machines, which of course when you go into the next-generation you at least get to reset and start again and everything’s the same age and new. That helps.

But it’s a major area of focus. It’s a major area of investment. The network will perform better on multiple levels, because it becomes not just a sales or gaming delivery but increasingly it becomes a social network. So it’s got to be a compelling experience on multiple levels. It’s going to be for no lack of investment, for no lack of effort and no lack of intention that things might fall a bit short. But we’re definitely moving in the right direction, and I’m confident when step on and understand its importance.

Still, that might be an issue for some users who have a monthly cap. Regardless, as you can read above Gara reiterated that Sony is committed to improving the quality of the PlayStation Network as a whole.

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  • Escopablobar

    Prime reason physical media cannot go away as of yet. Buy the disc.

    • DarthDiggler

      Sony’s technology will allow you to Download the portion of the game you want to play first. So you won’t have to wait for the entire 50GB to start playing likely a few GB would be enough to load the early levels or some Multiplayer.

      EDIT: I’d rather have the disc than do all that waiting. :)

      • Escopablobar

        Don’t forget that the HDD is only 500 gigs. This game will take up 1/10th of total storage! That is plain and simple bandannas.

  • bigshynepo

    50GB!! 0_o
    I mean, Metal Gear 4 was big but this, this just makes the entire argument for the physical versus download distribution method.

  • Jack Slater

    All the AAA titles I’m sure I will play several times, and will replay 10 years later, I will always buy the full disc.
    In 5 years, if I want to replay an uncharted, Lara croft, killzone, mass effect, rayman, etc etc games, on my ps3, regardless if the psn is working or not(OK, I won’t have the updates, or dlcs/extensions/etc I purchased), I will still be able to play them.
    In 10 years, if I want to spend 300 hours on skyrim, 200 hours on mass effect 1-3, +50 hours on uncharted 1-3, 40 hours on rayman origins + legends, +40 hours on castlevania lord of shadows 1+2, +60 hours on batman arkham asylum, arkham city and origins, +30 hours on killzone 2-3, +100 hours on god of war 1-2-3-HD remakes, 30 hours on call of…. no, just kidding, i only bought call of duty 4, and stopped giving money to Trey arch/Activision, who kept using the same damn engine, + 30 hours on heavy rain and beyond 2 souls, 200 hours on gran turismo 6, +100 hours on gta5, and many many other titles, well, IT WILL BE possible. Because I will have the full discs.
    For many other titles, I don’t care buying it from the psn, I know I won’t be playing it twice. But still, I’m stupid, because if I know I won’t replay the game, I should get the box version, and sell it.
    Recently, I made the error of buying saints row 4 on the psn. I had really enjoyed saints row 3. But the 4, I played 4 hours, and moved to rayman. The game is dark, and graphics are hideous. It looks like I’m playing half-life game, with characters with a couple of flat textures.everything is awful in sr4. I don’t understand how it got 8 and 9’s for graphics. Gta5 looks 100 times better.if I had bought sr4 disc, I would be able to sell it.from psn, its screwed…

    So yeah, ps4 games, for me, will be box versions. I can download 50 GB in about 8 hours. But I prefer having the full game, and being able to play it on 10 different ps4, if I want.specially if its an AAA title, like killzone shadow fall, infamous second son, and future god of war/uncharted(for sure they will be announced, sooner or later :)

  • Junior

    Well, I am glad that I am getting physical disc copy LoL

  • heavenshitman1

    The play-as-you-download function will probably have you playing a diminished game while you’re waiting i.e. lacking visual and graphical features, no textures etc.. Doubt it’ll download a game level by level, but see how that goes.
    Also games are going to get bigger than that if they’re to take advantage of the PS4 hardware. 7 odd GBs of RAM available for gaming, if that 7 GBs were to be used entirely in game it’s suggest a game might consist of about 5 levels in total (using some very generic and rudimentary game calculations)
    500 HDD will be very limited very soon


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