Dark Souls 2 Interview – Prepared to die again?

Thanks to Namco Bandai, we have the opportunity to publish a Dark Souls 2 interview. Our questions were kindly answered by Yui Tanimura at From Software, who’s currently working on Dark Souls 2 as Director. Please enjoy!


The Souls series is renown for its challenging games to get into. While we already know that there is no plan for a “easy” mode, we have read that there are indeed plans to ease players better at the beginning of the game – can you explain how? 
There is no intent to make the game any easier in any part of the game. The difficulty in the game is aimed for a higher sense of achievement when overcoming the challenges that the player faces. However, we are planning to streamline away a lot of the tediousness that was present in Dark Souls so that players can better experience the core essence of the Dark Souls world. Further, we hope that the enhanced motions and controllability of the character will help players get deeper into the role of the character.

In a previous interview to Famitsu, it was revealed that the team was imagining a framework where players were able to directly interact with each other – evolving from the asynchronous message-oriented thing. Can you tell us anything about this?
A main element to the core Dark Souls II experience is the “loose” connections you have with other players in the world, and the coincidental encounters you face. With this being said, with Dark Souls II having a dedicated server, we visualize more frequent interactions with other players, and also plan to implement and enhance the covenant system for a more in depth role play mechanism that will encourage playing with other players.


There has been a discussion in the community, as some feel that new players should be protected against experienced low level invaders. How do you feel about this, and will matchmaking take into account if a low level invader has hundreds of multiplayer sessions when placing the character in a world of a truly new player?
This is a difficult question to answer directly because this involves a lot of elements that make up the game. However, there is one thing that may help new players which is the covenant system. We have made available a covenant fairly early in the game called the “Way of Blue”. Being a part of this covenant will protect players against other invaders by automatically summoning Blue Sentinels who can battle against the dark spirits. We hope that elements like this will provide a better enhanced experience for both experienced and new players who wish to challenge the game.


The co-op system in Dark Souls 1 is quite difficult to make it work. Will you make it easier to create a co-op session for the sequel, or do you believe this is the right way to do it for the franchise?
We understand that the matching system implemented in Dark Souls made it difficult at times to interact with other players. For Dark Souls II, we will be implementing a dedicated game server that will increase the frequency of matching and interactions with other players in the world.


Speaking of combat, some fans are wondering if different types of attacks like slash/thrust/crush will play a bigger role in Dark Souls 2, in a nod to Demon’s Souls.
We have revisited the battle mechanics and enhanced for a better feel during combat. The newly implemented motion capture animations should provide a better sense of combat and also add a bigger variety of motions that the players can play with. We hope that the significance of slash/thrust/crush will be experienced by the players when they pick up the game.


Will it be possible to move while casting spells this time? Also, what about manual aiming with spells, similarly to bows?
We are not ready to reveal very much regarding magic and spells at this point.

Will enemy tactics change on New Game +? Also, Is NG7 (aka NG+6) still the max difficulty?
We are still in the tuning phase of the game, so it is difficult to answer at this point. However, we plan to implement something similar to what was available for Dark Souls.


Will Motoi Sakuraba return to compose the soundtrack or did you choose a new composer this time?
Yes, we have asked Sakuraba-san to compose the soundtrack this time as well.


In another interview, Shibuya commented that having a ship or boat in Dark Souls 2 was being considered by the team. Will this be in the game and if so, how will it work?
We are not ready to reveal this at this point.

It’s clear now that the Souls series is your most popular franchise, but there are other famous ones who haven’t received a new game in a long time – for example, Otogi and Tenchu. Now that next generation consoles are almost upon us, are you considering to create new games for these franchises?
Currently we are fully concentrated on delivering the best Dark Souls II possible. I as the director of Dark Souls II am not really in the position to speak about other franchises. However, I feel the potential of next gen consoles has a lot of capabilities, and it would be great if I can develop a game for the next generation consoles one day.


I’d like to thank again Mr. Tanimura for his time while reminding you that Dark Souls 2 will launch for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on 11th March 2014 (in North America) and 14th March in Europe, while PC users will have to wait a little more.

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