Crytek:Ryse has the most detailed main character ever

In an interview with, Crytek‘s Project Manager Yannick Boucher declared amongst other things that Ryse has the most detailed main character ever seen in a videogame, thanks to the power of CryEngine.

For starters, thanks to our new version of the CRYENGINE and our incredibly talented artists and coders, we are pushing the Xbox One’s graphics capabilities beyond anything that’s ever been seen, right out of the gate. Our main character, Marius Titus, is possibly the most detailed main protagonist in any game. Our character models are incredibly detailed, with some of the most advanced facial animations ever seen in video games. Our environments are gorgeous. We have really solid combat mechanics coupled with our unique cinematic executions that will really make you feel connected to the battle. All of this is wrapped in an intricate and intriguing story of revenge, featuring an unforgettable cast of historical characters

Honestly, I’ve managed to try only the co-op mode at Gamescom, but it didn’t seem that impressive. Maybe a PC release could be, Crytek?

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  • Festano

    We’ll see Nov. 22 if Crytek has reason.

  • Aidan Murphy

    Deep Down says hello :D

  • King O’ Killer Cookies

    Please give me a moment, I’ll just call bullsh*t.

  • Mrteapot

    Sony fan boys would find him more realistic if he was an albino and threw twenty foot blades around while he flew on a horse with wings lol

  • Nacho Zaragoza

    And that’s why this guy, Alessio Palumbois, is trolling in an obscure blog/web whatever, wich he likes to believe is EGM… and people like Yannick Boucher is developing next generation games…


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