Yoshida:Indie titles to fill the gap between big ones

In an interview with Famitsu, the President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida clarified that part of the reason to support indie developers so strongly is for their titles to fill gaps between bigger releases, which usually take more time.

That’s why we’re trying to give our help out to indie titles. Huge titles from large makers take time to develop; they can’t just be brought out immediately. However, with the indie scene, especially in the West, we’re seeing really neat games coming out from there pretty much every week.

I’d like to get that indie flow going in the Japan market as well, with unique titles coming out one after the other. More and more users are making digital purchases these days, so even studios making games with small teams can make it into a business

It certainly seems a solid strategy, especially since indie games are getting more popular by the day and there are some really stunning ones in development for PlayStation 4.

Are you excited about the importance of indie development within the PS4 ecosystem?


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    I’m excited about AAA and indie games. Wonder what other cool things Sony is doing or has in mind for PS4 that they haven’t discussed or revealed yet that will make it even more awesome.


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