Tribes: Ascend is “too difficult” for Consoles

Speaking on Reddit, Erez, Hi-Rez’s co-founder, spoke about a potential port for Tribes: Ascend to consoles which never happened. Despite several publishers showing interest in the prospect of having Tribes on a home console, they all thought the game was “too niche and difficult” for consoles and some major gameplay alterations would have to be made in order to appeal to a mainstream audience. Such alterations would have to include a slower game pace, reworked or completely removed “skiing”, basically remove everything that separates Tribes from your average sci-fi shooter.


Personally, I played Tribes for quite a few months since its release, but eventually I got turned off by the way the game was pushing micro-transactions to remain competitive, a trap which too many developers fall into. I don’t know if there is a market for Tribes: Ascend in the console space, however it would have been interesting to see the game ported onto consoles.


How about you, console gamers? Would you have liked to see Tribes: Ascend in your console. Would you play it then?

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