David Cage: The Dark Sorcerer is just Beyond ported

In a meaty video interview with Rev3Games, David Cage, Founder and CEO of Quantic Dream, revealed a stunning new detail: the breathtaking The Dark Sorcerer tech demonstration is merely a PlayStation 4 port of Beyond: Two Souls engine, and not the “real” PS4 engine they’re going to use. If that is true, then I absolutely cannot wait to see what they’ll come up with when they will finally tailor the engine to fully use the power of PlayStation 4.


Beyond: Two Souls is coming out on 8th October in North America and 11th October in Europe, and if previous games by Quantic Dream are any indication, it will be a unique experience to say the least. After that though, the French development studio will be working on PlayStation 4.


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  • Mitchings

    I can’t wait to see what Sony’s Internal Studios can do if the ICE Team get the PS3’s spurs engine up an running on the PS4.


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