Developer confirms: PS4 is 50% more powerful than X1

The next generation of consoles is really close now, as PlayStation 4 will be releasing on 15th November in North America and 29th November in Europe, while Xbox One will hit stores on 22th November in both (although they will launch in far less countries than PS4 this year).


Obviously, the discussion on which one is better is heating up. PlayStation 4 has been deemed more powerful since the early leaks, but exactly how much has been a topic of discussion amongst enthusiasts, especially since Microsoft slightly overclocked both CPU and GPU in an attempt to close the gap. Well, thanks to the hawks at Neogaf we have spotted another opinion on the matter – and a pretty important one.

Adrian Chmielarz, former Creative Director at People Can Fly for games like Painkiller, Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgment, voiced it over Twitter:

So, there you have it: reportedly, PS4 is deemed 50% more powerful than X1. Just how much this would affect your purchase, though? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Festano

    I think 50% are exaggerated.

    Who will win and who will offer more technology of choice in the most exclusive games .

  • Joe Man

    Washed up, washed out game developer that can no longer make it in the AAA world.

    • Joseph Lan

      Just because you’re a bitter, biased Xbox fanboy, doesn’t mean you have to insult the man. He even came out to say that he thinks the Xbox One is also a good machine.

      Besides, it’s not HIM who says the PS4 is ~50% more powerful. It’s “all of the next-gen, AAA developers” that he’s talked to.

  • Skeet

    What does 50% speed difference mean anyway? If Xbox has the most up to date DirectX the PS4 with it’s open DL is going to need that 50% just to get through all the extra calculations. Xbox one is going to be the next Wii, the only difference it can play games like BF4 and Forza too. Plus the Kinect does most of it’s own stuff, Xbox has a faster CPU now that they’ve overclocked it!
    To be honest the Xbox looks like a purposed built machine, PS4 looks like they just added up PC parts vs. cost and profit and slapped them in a box.
    PS may storm out of the gate, But they’ve very little to gve them any momentum through the course of the next ten tears. Xbox has Kinect and SmartGlass.
    Xbox One Day One for me. Hey, If the PS4 is really that much better, I’ll get one down the line when they actually have some decent exclusives and poosibly their all new clickable trackpad finds some use somewhere.

    • Alessio Palumbo

      Not sure if troll, but I’ll try to answer seriously. Your information is almost completely inaccurate.

      First, Open GL (not DL) is, if anything, faster than DirectX, which is just Microsoft’s proprietary API (while OGL is open source), and there are absolutely no “extra calculations” to be made in OGL vs DX. Even in Windows, OGL proved to be faster.

      Also, Sony actually added a low-level API which allows developers to program in a much more efficient way than what’s possible on either DX or OGL on PC, since PS4 will have a fixed hardware. If you seek an objective hardware comparison chart, this one makes it pretty clear which console is more powerful –

      I’m not sure what you mean by “the Kinect does most of its own stuff”. The Kinect does nothing in terms of performance at all; as to your opinion that “Xbox One is going to be the next Wii”, that is absolutely not going to happen since it has a much different target demographics and price. Wii was successful merely because of its low price and non-gamer target; Xbox One is going after the same demographics of PlayStation 4.

      Regarding motion control, it has faded significantly since the years of novelty – it could perhaps rise back with VR, as it makes much more sense in that environment, but for now it’s little more than a gimmick.

      Moreover, I’m not sure what prompts you to say that has “very little” to give them momentum through the course of the next ten years. It’s actually the complete opposite: Microsoft proved with both Xbox and Xbox360 that it’s willing to completely abandon them whenever they’re not useful anymore, to the extent that most exclusives for both Microsoft consoles were condensed in the first 3-4 years; Sony proved the exact opposite with every PlayStation console: God of War 2 released in 2007 for PlayStation 2, after PS3 was released; this year, Sony scheduled an astounding amount of PS3 exclusives:

      The Last of Us
      Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
      Beyond: Two Souls
      Gran Turismo 6 (which, again, will launch after PS4 release)
      God of War: Ascension
      Until Dawn

      That’s not even counting the exclusives coming from third parties, like:

      Dust 514
      Tales of Xillia
      Dragon’s Crown
      Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

      If there’s anything that can be counted on, is Sony’s support throughout their consoles’ lifetime.

      Finally, of course you are entitled to your opinion as to which games you prefer to play, but Sony has the largest number of first party developers with Worldwide Studios, and amongst these they can count on some of the world’s most appreciated developers, like Sony Santa Monica (God of War), Naughty Dog (Crash Bandicoot, Jak&Daxter, Uncharted, The Last of Us), Media Molecule (Littlebigplanet 1&2), Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo), SCE Japan Studio (Ape Escape, Ico, Siren, Shadow of the Colossus, Puppeteer, Knack) Evolution Studios (WRC, Motorstorm, Driveclub), Sucker Punch (Sly Cooper, Infamous), Guerrilla Games (Killzone), and other smaller ones.

      In contrast, Microsoft often “hires” third party developers for their exclusives (Mass Effect 1, Dead Rising 1 & 3), but of course that’s not a viable option long term, so it often happens that these games or their sequels are later found on other systems (Dead Rising 2, Mass Effect 2 & 3 – and even 1 was finally released digitally on PSN). Also, even Microsoft published games often make an appearance on PC later – such was the case for Halo 1 & 2, Alan Wake, Fable 1 & 3 and others. With Sony, this simply can never happen; with their huge pipeline of studios, exclusives come in generous numbers each year for their consoles, and these games can never be found elsewhere.

      • seeafish

        Knocked it out of the ballpark! :)

      • Joseph Lan

        Don’t try to feed too much logic to an Xbox fanboy. Their heads will explode.

        • smguk

          Pathetic Cunt

    • Joseph Lan

      “What does 50% speed difference mean anyway?”

      Apparently, it means a lot, since “every next-gen, AAA dev” seems to say the same thing (according to Adrian Chmielarz).

  • Rocky M

    From a former Xbox supporter I bid you adieu Microsoft! Seriously 8 years between console upgrades and we get a system roughly 5 or 6 × stronger than the 360, a new improved Kinect, which isn’t much of a stretch considering how broken their first one was.Oh and how could I forget the enhanced viewing for the dinosaur that is my cable box.

  • smguk


  • Jeremy

    False. My f250 has way more horsepower than my wrx, but my wrx is way quicker and faster. Easy way for the non techies to see the point.


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