Black Desert gameplay and interview

We got the unique chance to try Black Desert, the greatly anticipated MMORPG in development at Pearl Abyss which we already covered some months ago with an interview, at Gamescom.


Needless to say, the game is still a way off (especially for us people in the Western part of the world) and we encountered some glitches, but overall the lofty promise is held strongly – there’s a complex and potentially amazing game here, with awesome graphics and a combat system as complex as that of the best action games. I’m still baffled that no Western publisher still decided to get the publishing license. Anyway, you can see everything for yourself as we recorded the whole thing – however, I’ll put a transcript just below.

COO Jaemin Youn told us the keybinds: Q for block, F for kick, E for grab. Left click for sword attack, right click for shield attack. Evade is performed with Shift+W,A,S,D. While not in combat, pressing TAB unsheathes the weapon and in this mode players do not waste stamina running. Q in this mode enables crouching (for stealth, I assume). R is used to loot fallen enemies.

Later CFO Bryan Oh stepped into the room and helped us understand a bit more about the game. For instance, there are three different commands for NPCs – stay, attack and protect me, although of course we couldn’t try them out since our brief playtime didn’t involve having a NPC in the party. Then it was time for a few more direct questions.


  • How close is beta for South Korean players?

It should happen this fall. October, maybe. And the launch will be for next year.


  • I really hope that you find a publisher for Western countries soon, since I think the game looks amazing…

We have been in contact with many potential partners. They are really interested in our game, but we did not actually begin the discussion because we want to show them the closed beta release first.


  • I think you mentioned 2015 as a possible date for Western countries…

Yes, 2015 or 2016.


  • I really hope for the former, so that it’s not too far!


*laughs* Well, it depends on European pre-orders. If the interest is high…

  • Maybe it can go faster! (so people, spam Pearl Abyss with your Western love if you want to see the game here earlier)
  • I remember that there’s a bit of a discussion in the community about player housing. Some say that it’s a bit harsh for owners to have their house locked for just a limited period of time. Is there a chance for you to implement a priority of sorts to let owners maintain their house instead of going back for auction?

We are considering this and other suggestions.


  • Yeah, because I think that your concern is that if a player leaves the game, the house must be available once again.



  • But if a player wants to keep the house, he/she should be allowed to do so, I believe. 


  • Do you have a rough idea of how big is Black Desert’s game world?

40×40 km.


  • Do you have dynamic events in the world, with monsters attacking places?

Yes. At night time, players may have to protect certain places from monsters invasion.


  • Are you concerned with performance in sieges and possible instances of lag/latency?

Yeah, our team is continuously trying to prevent this type of lag, latency. But our tech team is very experienced, we have faith in them.


  • Is there going to be a level cap in Black Desert?



  • Will it be possible, then, to reach level 500?

It would be almost impossible, because after level 50 the progression is much slower.


  • Do you have things like mini-games for music, singing etc.?

Yes, in the final release there will be some, but now there’s almost nothing implemented yet.


  • Can you still try to create a roguish type of character using the giant race (which has more strength by default)?

It will be possible mainly with special items adding agility and similar stats.


  • Do the best items in the game come from PvE, PvP or crafting?

It’s not decided yet, we are still discussing it. It’s a matter of balance.


  • Are you considering having smaller PvP action, similar to Arena combat in other games?

We are considering this, yes. Maybe in the future.


  • I know that it’s possible to anger NPCs. What about angering an entire city, and perhaps they won’t let you in at all? Maybe if you are a player killer, an outlaw.

It’s not in yet, but we are thinking about this too.


  • Do you have weather in Black Desert?

Yes! *opens map* Clouds, typhoons… And it affects gameplay.


  • That’s great! Is it local based, like, will it snow more often in a mountain zone?

That’s correct. In a mountain zone it frequently snows, while a tropical area doesn’t see that very often. The current interface is still in development.


  • Okay. Are you going to limit the number of skills available at a time on the action bar?

We are still experimenting with our skills/spells system. It will be a matter of beta feedback.


  • Can I summon the horse?

Actually, you can whistle to call it with this button. But it’s too far. You need to be in range with the horse!


  • How long is the day/night cycle?

Four hours.


  • So there are six cycles in each real day?

Yes. Or, if you prefer, every real day equals to six days in game.


  • You have pathing in Black Desert!

Yeah…But it’s bugged at the moment.


I would like to thank Brian Oh and Jaemin Youn of Pearl Abyss for the opportunity to talk with them and check Black Desert at Gamescom. I really wish them the best of luck with finding the right publisher for North America and Europe. Let me yield a special mention to Francesco Granitto as well, who recorded the whole thing with the camera!

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