Chibi-Robo: Let’s Go, Photo! will see localisation after all!

In what is no doubt a surprise to many, the game announced in a Nintendo Direct presentation only a short while ago, Chibi-Robo Photography, looks likely to be getting localised!

Chibi-Robo, a Nintendo game series, hasn’t been very popular at all in the West, and everyone thought we wouldn’t see him here again, but it looks like Chibi-Robo Photography is being retitled Chibi-Robo: Let’s Go, Photo! (a working title, we presume) may be getting localised.

Earlier today the Australian Classification website showed a listing for Chibi-Robo: Let’s Go, Photo!, assumedly meaning that the title will be localised and released relatively soon.

But, the listing also  mentions the game is a Multiplatform title, despite the game being a 3DS title.

No release date as of yet, but for more information on gaming, Nintendo and Chibi-Robo, keep an eye on Worlds Factory.

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