PS4 should handle Star Citizen at max settings

We just had an amazing interview with the legendary Chris Roberts, Star Citizen‘s guru and revered Freelancer/Privateer creator.

Chris Roberts


We filmed it, but while we clean up the audio from convention noise and upload it (we’ll have a transcript as well), here’s a little tidbit: we asked Roberts if he thought PS4 is powerful enough to run Star Citizen at max settings, and he said that it is – for now, at least.


The game will obviously be improved upon until its official launch.  By launch time, a high-end configuration might surpass whatever PS4 can possibly handle – described by Roberts as a powerful PC-like hardware capable to “fight” with more powerful PCs with so-called “coding to the metal” technique, while the PC necessarily has to go through DirectX which is CPU-bound.


During the chat, the question popped after Chris was asked about the chance to see Star Citizen on next-gen consoles.  He confirmed that PS4 is a much more likely choice than Xbox One.  Sony is far more open regarding cross-platform play, which Roberts considers a requirement since he wants all Star Citizen players to be in the same universe.


Stay tuned for more on Star Citizen and Gamescom 2013.

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