Disney Infinity costed $ 100 millions to make

In a report published on the Wall Street Journal website, there are hints that Disney Infinity costed over $ 100 millions throughout its development.

Other than by the sandbox nature of its gameplay, Disney Infinity is defined by the feature of buying actual figurines and then use a special scanner to get them into the game, in a similar way to Activision‘s Skylanders.


The article speculates that, should the project flop at retail, Disney might shift its priorities when it comes to game development, choosing to license its IPs (intellectual properties) for outside development instead.

Disney Infinity is scheduled for release in the next few days in North America and Europe for Xbox 360, Wii, WiiU, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS. A PC release will follow in 2014.

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  • JD Brewer

    As much as I like Disney, i think they’d be stupid to not include some Star Wars and Marvel properties for people to mess around with – this game is basically a goldmine for them, but Disney have to play their cards right!


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