Guardians of Middle-Earth PC date confirmed

After being for almost a year a console exclusive, Lords of the Rings MOBA Guardians of Middle-Earth has finally been confirmed for a PC release on August 29 on Steam and other digital platforms at £14.99.


The Warner Bros and Monolith game will feature all the 36 characters, the 6 maps and the 3 modes of the console version.


The £14.99 release comes with Gandalf, Galadriel, Thráin, Gollum, Hildifons and Legolas (with their second skins) while further guardians will be available as DLC, but a “Mithril Edition” is also available for £60.99, which includes all 36 playable Guardians, with their respective skins.


Are you interested in this Guardians of Middle-Earth PC edition, or do you think that there are too many free-to-play MOBA for PC to bother to buy one?


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