GTA V is 100% handcrafted,has unlimited draw distance

In an interview released to Buzzfeed, Aaron Garbut, who has been Rockstar North‘s Art Director since GTA III, talked extensively about the upcoming GTA V. According to him, the game world is completely handcrafted despite being absolutely huge, with a result far superior to that of GTA IV.

I want to stress that not only is this world huge but it’s absolutely handcrafted. Every little bit of this world has had a large number of extremely talented artists pore over it. There’s always something to discover, something weird or interesting to see or interact with. It’s absolutely not a massive, empty world. We’ve considered the placement of every tree. We’ve simply not copied buildings around the map or procedurally generated the terrain to pad it out. It’s all handcrafted, all unique, and we’ve gone over it all again and again and again to make sure there’s enough layering of detail that I don’t think many people will ever see everything we’ve put into the world. That in itself, though, means that most people will have different experiences.

We used to call Liberty City a living, breathing world, but this is way beyond anything we’ve done before.

He also added that the game has basically “unlimited” draw distance, and that the team was able to implement the vertical element to a much higher degree this time around.

The main thing we wanted to achieve was to pull off this sense of scale. The way we don’t limit the draw distance and draw the lights so far back really emphasizes this.

Every single light we place in the world is stored, streamed, and laid into the map, even into the distance. The entire world draws all the time: You can fly high in the air at one corner of the map, look over the miles of city and skyscrapers, over the hills and desert to the furthest ridges of the most distant mountains. It’s all there and visible. That’s amazing to see. But the really cool bit is that you can see a street light in a distant town, fly toward it for kilometers until the street itself is visible and the light bulb eventually comes into view. It’s amazing. It’s a level of solidity that I’ve never seen before.

We’ve tried to push exploration in a way that we’ve never managed before. It’s always been a feature of the game and it’s always been very much front and center in our minds when we’ve built the worlds, but we’ve just never had the ability to go as far as we’ve done this time. We’ve really pushed verticality. Most blocks are fully accessible from ground or roof, and you can climb around them and get between lots of the buildings at roof level. It adds an entirely different aspect to the game.

Just today, Rockstar Games released some new screenshots; feast your eyes with them, and remember that in just two days there will be the much hyped reveal of GTA Online, the multiplayer portion of the game. GTA V is releasing on 17 September for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, although rumors of a PC port are increasing each day, with nVidia hinting earlier today that PC gamers might get their hands on the game this Fall.

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  • giovannilauffer

    PC gamers just want to pirate the game already, so I am Rockstar I will let it a console exclusive!

    • Orlɛanž

      OR, they will make a shitty port to decrease piracy on the PC version. That will make them pirates buy the console version. Just take a look at GTA4 on PC. Damn, that was horrible. It was poorly optimized for PC, and random frame rate drops even on high-end PCs killed the experience.

      • Alessio Palumbo

        I have a newsflash for you: consoles have piracy as well. Also, for all of GTA V’s greatness, GTA Online might be their true ace in the hole, and that would be only playable with a valid game key.

        Personally I still have a hard time believing that those screenshots aren’t taken from PC-like high-end resolution. PS360 versions will run at 720p, not to mention likely low frame rate.

    • Dakan45

      Dont know how braindamaged you are but your deluded opinion on the pc market does not affect rockstar’s way of doing business.

      Rockstar has released every game they got on pc apart from red dead redemption which was made by san diego not rockstar north. Considering they hired rockstar leeds to port la noire to pc, it is clear that they will port this to pc and possibly next gen.

      You seem to think developers are capable of doing everything when they want to, thats not true however most games are ported to pc by third party studios because the developers are not good with pc.

      GTA iv was a glorious screw up on pc not only as a port but as to how they sold it, EG using GFWL that everyone hates.

      Alot have changed since then, the pc market is much bigger and has a pretty high revenue, ports became better and steam is giving sales to developers for decades after the game’s release. Its so sucessfull that previous console only titles such as deadl premonition, alan wake, brutal legend, oddyset to the west and others were ported to pc. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE MAKING PROFIT.

      So no matter what you a cluless consoletard says is gonna change rockstar’s view on how to make profit. They are not dumb, they can see there is profit to be made, so they will pursue it.

      Perhaps if they priced the game accordingly, pc games cost less than console games due to no royality fees also older games get price cuts, so if they priced it 40 bucks everyone would buy this for 2 reasons. Max payne 3 was 30 gb, cod ghosts was 28gb, its better to buy something that big if it worths it than pirate it. Its simple maths. The second reason is the online part and the mods, for a low price you can get both a huge game and mp and mods. It will be stupid to pass that up for being a cheap pirate.


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