Starcraft Universe (F2P MORPG) is now on Kickstarter

Starcraft Universe, an ambitious modding project for Starcraft II by Ryan Winzen, is now available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

The game mod is essentially a mashup of World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft – players can create their own persistent character and experience the Starcraft universe in third person view. It takes advantage of the extensive modding capabilities of the Starcraft II engine; the project has been ongoing for a couple of years now, during which Ryan Winzen and his team (called Upheaval Arts) received no funds whatsoever, despite the blessing of Blizzard Entertainment.


This is the first and foremost reason for the Kickstarter campaign. On the main page, they have already detailed many stretch goals  – the basic funding goal is $ 80,000, but the highest stretch goal is set at $ 1,000,000, with the team promising to build the entire Koprulu sector for players to explore for that sum (one zone would be dedicated to each important planet in Starcraft lore).

We’ll try to contact Ryan for an interview.

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