Ryse Son of Rome has petition to get the game on PC

Although Ryse Son of Rome was met with a mixed reception as some gamers felt that the reveal trailer was too filled with Quick Time Events, it seems like Crytek‘s new game already gained a decent following.

We have just noticed this petition to get Ryse on PC (and PS4) platforms. The text of petition says:

There are a lot of gamers CRAZY about games related to Roman times and Roman History, and for PC gamers there have been some games developed regarding this, such as ROME TOTAL WAR, but never in 3rd person.
The opportunity to play as a roman soldier, 3rd person throughout, is unbelievable, and it would be a shame and not fair to be a XBOX One only.

Of course, the chances for Ryse Son of Rome to be ever available for PS4 (or any other platform by Sony) are almost non-existent, since the game is being published by Microsoft. That said, the same is not true about a possible PC release: in the past, many Xbox and Xbox 360 exclusives were ported at a later date on PC; a few examples include Halo 2, Fable 1 & 3, Gears of War, Alan Wake.


Maybe if enough people sign this petition, Crytek will take note and ask Microsoft about it. Just maybe. For now, though, Ryse will be launching alongside Xbox One only.

Alessio PalumboBy Alessio Palumbo (1097 Posts)

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  • shark_tsuki

    lol. It will never happen. At first the last of us and now this. Ha ha ha. Y U SO JEALOUS Glorious “beggar” race?

  • Sheldon Prescott

    It seems like people finally noticed that the E3 demo was so filled with QTEs because they were intentionally trying to showcase the executions, and at the same time, not trying to make the person demoing the game look like they suck, so they put it on EXTRA easy mode. It obviously wont be like that in the final game.

  • Marco Boschini

    I am a veteran pc user and…i don’t rly need this crap game on pc XD

  • spideynut71

    LOL…some PC gamers are so pathetic and hypocritical. They’ll constantly talk sh*t about consoles, and brag that PC has all the games they need…then turn around and cry and beg for console exclusives for their PC, because they’ve run out of things to pirate.

  • http://www.worldsfactory.net/ Alessio Palumbo

    Well, personally I liked both Crysis 1 & 3(not 2). I love Roman-themed games and movies, but other than the presentation, the gameplay of Ryse didn’t win me yet.

    Regardless, I’m sure many PC gamers will give it a try if it ever comes out.


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