The Witcher 3 Devs on “Redefining” Open World Games

CD Project Red, the brilliant minds behind The Witcher series recently talked with Examiner on how they are planning on redefining open world games with their latest title, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Think about closed world games,Their storytelling is usually quite good because fewer possibilities for gamers mean that developers can plan more and concentrate solely on the finite number of locations in the game. We want to take that quality and extend it to an open world – we want every inch of the world you’ll traverse to be interesting and believable. That’s our way of redefining [the open-world genre].

– Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, Game Director CD Project Red


Ambitious doesn’t even begin to describe what CD Project want to do with The Witcher 3, building an open-world game with storytelling quality as good as in a good closed world game is an incredible feat, something which hasn’t been done before – at least not in the scale that CD Project are aiming for. It’s not an easy task, that’s for sure, but CD Project are known for over-delivering in value with their games; The Witcher 2 is a brilliant RPG with a mature story, deep combat and an engrossing world and, on top of that, they delivered a near perfect Xbox 360 port of the game – something that many developers struggle with.


Considering they are technically an “indie” studio it would be impressive if they pull this off but, considering their track record, CD Project can do it.

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