FFXIV Duty Finder helps players find parties

In the latest producer’s letter by Naoki Yoshida, FFXIV Duty Finder was detailed. The tool, built to help players in finding parties and instances adequate to their level and role, is also able to let someone join a party that is already in an instance; so, if someone drops out, the Duty Finder will help you find a replacement.


Other than that, players can browse the available instanced content and use matchmaking; once the party is full, everyone will be teleported in the instance, much like in other games like World of Warcraft or Rift.

It’s possible to sign up for a specific instance and to use a “level sync” feature, which adjusts player stats to be fitting for that type of content. Lastly, players can choose a language preference.


FFXIV: A Realm Reborn is expected in August for PS3 and PC.

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