Defense Grid 2 Development Update – New towers, Steam cards, DOTA 2 announcer

A fresh Defense Grid 2 Development Update video has been posted by developer Hidden Path Entertainment on their Kickstarter page for the tower defense sequel. The thirteen minute video features Producer Jeff Pobst and Lead Designer John Daud chatting about the latest Defense Grid news, including a new tower type called the Boost Tower which will allow players to choose from three different boost abilities that will affect a tower built on top of it, and Steam trading cards for the first game. Other news includes a Fletcher announcer pack for DOTA 2, which features the English-accented, robotic assistant from Defense Grid.


Originally, plans for Defense Grid 2 were shelved as the Kickstarter achieved only enough funds for an expansion to the original game, which appeared as the $5.00 DLC Defense Grid: Containment. Revealed in this new video is the identity of the investor who made Defense Grid 2 possible,  Steven Dengler of Dracogen Inc. – previous investment projects by Dracogen Inc. include web series Fallout: Nuka Break and the recently released Double Fine  music puzzler Dropchord.


Defense Grid 2 is currently slated for release in the first half of 2014 on Steam, Windows, Mac, and Linux, with possible console versions in the future.

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