The Order 1886 is not steampunk, says Ready at Dawn

In an interview with, Ready at Dawn boss Ru Weerasuriya mentioned that in the studio’s eyes, The Order 1886 is not steampunk, because that is usually not quite believable.

One of the things I love about storytelling is some of the best stories ever told are the ones we’ve actually lived. You can create all these crazy worlds and stuff but sometimes they’re not believable. If you really think about it, our history is the most amazing place to find stories.

The funny thing is we started our ideas on this even before we heard about [Assassin’s Creed]…This IP is really a recreation of the world and how the world would have evolved into something slightly different, and we really catch it in that moment of post-industrial revolution London. And you still get to experience a lot of the things that really happened in the [real] world. You’ll interact with real people that lived in our world. The idea of all of this is imagine you created something where you didn’t have to explain everything to people. If people wanted to find out something about a character they could just look it up in Wikipedia.

Steampunk is usually not believable. We call it neo-Victorian London… For us, it was how real can we keep it, and what can we do to make people believe this really existed? So if you push a weapon or something too far to make it unbelievable, then we dial it back. And then it could be a weapon that Edison put together using technology that he invented at the time… that’s what was important for us, that believability.

At any rate, The Order 1886 was not conceived to be a “mere” game franchise: Ready at Dawn has grander plans for it.

I will tell you, the franchise was created not as a game franchise. It lived its life before it became a game as a world, as an IP. You can imagine now that the game is a window into that IP, so yes, I want to have a lot of windows into that IP, and hopefully that’ll come in many different forms

The Order 1886 will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, likely releasing in 2014.

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