Saints Row IV first DLC coming 45 days after launch

In a panel hosted at San Diego Comic-Con, it was revealed that Saints Row IV first DLC will be available 45 days after launch. The DLC will be called “Enter the Dominatrix” and it will include a narration by the characters themselves, who will explain why the content was cut in the first place.


Here’s some more quick info that just came out of the panel on Saints Row IV:

  • Players will run into members of Saints Row II’s Ronin gang in the new game.
  • Players will learn how Johnny Gat is being brought back from the dead. He says that while silly things often get waved away in the Saints Row universe, they didn’t want to do that with Gat. In other words, there will be a satisfying explanation behind his return.
  • The alien Zinyak reads the entire first chapter of Pride and Prejudice over the in-game radio in the first part of the game.
  • There won’t be a pro-wrestling gang in Saints Row IV, and the zombie voice won’t be returning. However, Wrestler Chris Daniels will be hosting one of the game’s radio stations.

The game, published by Deep Silver since they bought the IP after THQ‘s bankruptcy, will release on August 20 in North America and August 23 in Europe for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 platforms.


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