Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – New Details!

The folks over at the Official Square Enix Blog were nice enough to give Final Fantasy fans hot new details regarding the location, costume and, most importantly, the battle system of their upcoming title, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.


A new screen of the area known as Yusnaan was unveiled, showing off an area called the Slaughterhouse. The area is dark and gives off an eerie feeling – it perfectly suits its name. Have a look for yourself below.


lightning returns screenshot ff xiii



Another image posted showed an alternate costume Lightning can wear which is inspired by Miqo’te, a character in the upcoming MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.


lightning returns hot sexy



Lastly, the new details about the battle system. Lightning will be able to focus on  and even dismember a specific part of her foe, which will weaken it and, in some cases, drop different loot depending on which body part you decided to focus of and… get rid off.

On top of that, a new counter system has been implemented which, if timed perfectly, will render the enemy’s attack useless and gives you the ability to land a punishing blow with a chance of staggering the foe. This ability should be used carefully as it casts a lot of ATB and is only effective versus physical attacks.


ffxiii lr4


These new details certainly make Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII sound more appealing, however the XIII series hasn’t been to great sa far – I would save my pre-order until we get to see the game in action properly.

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