Brand new EU Nintendo Direct Mini released today!

In a short Nintendo Direct Mini which debuted today, NOE CEO Satoru Shibata discusses Pikmin, new 3DS StreetPass features and also showcased some brand new footage from Platinum’s Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101.

First new Pikmin 3 footage, which sees release in the USA and EU in less than a week (get excited)! The game’s transition into HD looks beautiful, and all the Pikmin look beautifully rendered. It’s no wonder Miyamoto said this game is how Pikmin was supposed to look in the first place, they just lacked the power until now.

Shibata also discusses Animal Crossing: New Leaf which released for 3DS last month to critical acclaim, and details that Nintendo Zone hotspots will also double as StreetPass hotspots. Whenever you StreetPass one with your Nintendo 3DS, you get a StreetPass from the last person who passed the hotspot with their 3DS. This explains Nintendo’s recent interest in expanding the list of compatible hotspots, and is definitely beneficial to those who can’t seem to StreetPass anyone in their local area.

Finally, new footage from The Wonderful 101 looks, well, wonderful. The Wonderful 101 is part of Platinum’s two-game deal with Nintendo, the other being Bayonetta 2, which will see release next year.

Watch the YouTube video of today’s Nintendo Direct Mini, and then discuss your impressions with us on Worlds Factory.

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