Skyrim mod Falksaar adds 20+ hours of gameplay

Even though Bethesda has now stopped releasing new content for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, many users are still working on their own addons. Today we’re highlighting a particularly interesting project, a Skyrim mod named Falksaar, which is said to add over 20 hours of gameplay and an entire new land. Another interesting fact is that the creator claims to have done this because he’s trying to get Bethesda’s attention and become a game designer over there.

I guess he might succeed if the mod is good; after all, that’s how many game designers got into the industry. You can download the mod on Nexus; check the main features and a trailer below.

  • An entirely new land independant of Tamriel, roughly the size of 2-3 Skyrim holds.
  • 20-30+ hours of gameplay.
  • 26 quests, including a 9 quest long main story, and 17 side quests! (Along with some unmarked content)
  • New items including new books, recipes, weapons and armor sets. (A mix of brand new, and retextured)
  • Two new spells and a new shout.
  • A bard with several unique new songs.
  • A soundtrack containing 14 brand new tracks composed by Adamm Khuevrr just for Falskaar, adding more than 40 minutes of new music!
  • A fully voiced experience, featuring almost 30 semi-professional and professional voice actors and actresses.

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