Killzone Mercenary Beta Closed Multiplayer Sign-Ups!

For a limited time the Killzone Mercenary beta is accepting sing-ups for it closed multiplayer test run.    Enter to be selected as one of few players in the exclusive closed beta!


Sign up will be open until Wednesday, July 17 at 2:00pm PDT for a first look at what promises to be an impressive multiplayer package.  Chosen participants will receive further instructions by email.


According to the Playstation Blog:

Mercenary’s multiplayer suite will provide players with a diverse range of weapons, grenades, armor, and special VAN-Guard devices enabling the player to customize their multiplayer load-out slots. This customization supports the tactical element of the game; will you armor yourself up and go in like a tank, or take a more precise approach and assassinate enemies stealthily?

No matter your tactical approach, Mercenary’s multiplayer beta will give gamers an early look into the power and promise of PS Vita as the optimal handheld platform for first-person shooters.



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