First Unreal Engine 4 games to arrive in late 2014

Speaking at the Develop Conference, Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney declared that there are many studios using Unreal Engine 4 to develop their games now, and we should start seeing the results in late 2014.

Unreal Engine 4 is aimed for next generation game development. For game developers, the rush is on right now. There are numerous triple-A games and also some smaller titles built with Unreal Engine 4 right now everywhere in the world.

The end of next will be the sweet spot for gamers seeing the games. There are some really exciting things happening on the console platforms and with free-to-play games in Korea. They’re going to change things in significant ways. I can’t spoil their thunder, but it’s all coming up and it’s all starting to come together.

There are multiple games in full production now doing really neat things

He also noted that Epic Games will now use PC as as the lead platform, scaling things for ports all the way down to tablets. He pointed out that consoles are very popular only in the Western market.

Increasingly we can think about building one game and shipping it on every platform that’s appropriate. We’re now thinking about building all of our games, looking first at PC as a platform, then porting and supporting console platforms with the same game, eventually porting it down to tablets where the control scheme is appropriate, and also porting and running it on the web.

We can potentially reach a much larger audience, and it will be increasingly important worldwide.

Consoles are specific to the Western markets: North America and Europe. They don’t exist in Korea and China, which represent half of the gaming market. Those are PC online games. But, I think we can build one game that appeals to all those markets by supporting all platforms that are popular

What do you think? Are you happy with this decision, and can you wait another year and a half before seeing the new Unreal Engine 4 in action?

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  • WellWisher

    Suits me. I’m a PC gamer. Haven’t seen any games that I want running on Unreal 4 yet though.


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