Tactical RPG Liege gets mounts, more character details, and the powerful mage class

At the time of this posting, tactical RPG Liege has reached its first stretch goal — the game will be getting mounts. Come next year, players will be able to ride through the kingdom and rain steel from the saddle.


Additionally, creator John Rhee has released more character details ala those quaint character cards (we still believe they should be collectibles in another stretch goal somewhere). In purveying these cards, one savvy backer noticed that Caela Stone, unlike the rest of the cast, has only one classification, mage. This prompted Rhee to respond,


The mage doesn’t have more than one class listed because its progression works differently from the others. Rather than gaining class upgrades, mages gain abilities over time. There are only a few characters in the game that fall under this class, and their presence will have a big effect on combat dynamics.


Can you picture the rare mage atop a horse omni-directionally blasting fireballs destroying everything in his path? We can. And we can only hope. Feast your eyes on the rest of the character cards below. Be sure to check out more of our coverage for Liege, and more of those artful cards, here. Also, if you feel like backing the project on Kickstarter, here’s the link to that also.


Lionel Bremont


Rafa Lyons


Nadine Martelle

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