New MechWarrior Tactics trailer, extended founder’s program

Infinite Game Publishing wants you to sign up for the beta of their latest online F2P game, MechWarrior Tactics. How are they enticing you to do so? By releasing a trailer replete with heavy industrial booms, big block letters, and plenty of tactical action featuring two legged killing machines.


They have also announced the extension of the MechWarrior Tactics Founder’s Program, which offers three tiers of goodies for those who want to hop to the front of the line for closed beta access and loads of additional add-ons, extra in-game cash, and numerous customization options. These tiers range from $20 to $120 dollars and are guaranteed to up one’s prestige immediately.


Oh, here’s the video:



What this trailer doesn’t tell you is that MechWarrior Tactics is a turn-based strategy game that pits players against one another as they lead their armies of mechs towards total decimation of their opponents. No two mechs will be the same in this game, as the game promises a deep customization aspect, allowing you to personalize everything from the chassis to the decals. MechWarrior Tactics will be moving into open beta later this year.


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