Tactical RPG Liege: House Rykhart revealed

Coda Games’ latest reveal for forthcoming TRPG Liege focuses on the playable cast. Sounding like a roll call out of HBO series Game of Thrones, the swordsman of House Rykahrt get the spotlight with character descriptions and some scripted dialog from the game, layered as background to the art previously released. All come together for a set of artful character snapshots like the one you see above. Perhaps another stretch goal can be a set of collectible cards?


Feast your eyes on the rest of the revealed characters below. If you’re interested in the greater picture, developer John Rhee also shared an overview of the houses (of which there are four), in addition to the outlaws / unsworn / free commoners — because, of course, what’s a kingdom without those who swear no loyalty?


Seren Greythorne


Aidan Rykhart


Jeril Rykhart

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